Sunday, May 22, 2005

Vacation's Over

Mukhang nawili yata ako ah. Buong week last week ako naka-leave. Wala lang, trip ko lang at may consent naman ang boss ko. A week before that, I took 3 consecutive days of sick leave. I had absolutely, madly abused the capability of my eyes. Sobrang naging red and teary to the point that I couldn't wear my contacts anymore. I went mountain climbing with some friends during that weekend at Mt. Lobo in Batangas. OMG! It was blazing hot and honestly, I was not physically-prepared. Actually, it was not that hard but I lacked 3 days of good sleep and my body totally forgot what exercise was all about. I am the type of person who gets drunk at the hotness of the weather. Despite drinking liters of water and literally bathing my head and neck of water found in water sources along the trail, I really could not wave off the dizziness enveloping me. I felt so tired and a lot of times, I took a rest despite the enforcements from our sweeper-organizers.

Going back to my story, I feel sad that tomorrow's Monday already. Actually, I spent my 1-week vacation productively. Well, at least somehow I did.

May 14-Saturday: I went out to have a medical check-up. Supposedly, I was scheduled to have a neck mass ultrasound to determine if I got goiter or not. My blood tests (which I have been taking since college) always yield negative results but it still bothers me that people take notice. Unfortunately, they informed that the check-up must be done at the head office in Ortigas. Lech! Why inform me now? Kainis. Anyway, I followed up my darn urinalysis results. Hello! Since last year, I always get this paper result with the 20-25 something and you think I am some medical person who can read what that means? Layman terms, please. It is just a matter of saying if I got UTI or not. Last urinalysis test that I took was the 3rd time the clinic asked me to have because they don't take notice of my medical complaint. Good thing that the doctor was in and he just gave me prescriptions and a recommendation so I could see him next weekend for the test result. Bad thing, I forgot to buy the meds so I have to re-sched next week.

After which, I grabbed a McDo meal and headed to
Dex's flat and off we went to SM Sucat to check the telecom centers since I am planning to acquire a new mobile phone. We canvassed the possible prices. I could not yet decide if I would take postpaid or prepaid.

Samsung E600 - This might not be the latest Samsung model but I really want something small.

I also bought a new pair of pants since I don't have one anymore that fits me. In short, I am really getting fat these days. Ang hilig ko kasi kumain eh. Hehehe.

After that, we went home and watched
Hide and Seek. Hay naku, walang kwenta pero Dakota Fanning rendered a credible acting performance. For me, she did.

May 15-Sunday: Laundry all day and watched DVD, anything I could lay my hands on.

May 16-Monday: This was the start of my real vacation. Hehehe. I woke up at 5:15 in the morning thinking of pursuing my travel plans in
Bohol. I texted a travel-freak like me at 5:30am and unexpectedly, she replied. I got some info and decided to rise up. I did my morning ritual (a necessity, of course), booted on my pc, got connected with the wide web and had my first cup of coffee. I went surfing for more information, checked available flights, Bohol destinations and had gulped my second cup.

Satisfied, I booted off and started the day. Everybody left already - my mom and my sister for work. My brother (who only comes home during the weekends) left late Sunday night and my dad now lives separately from us in our small house in Cavite. Anyway, I sweeped and mopped the entire house. If somebody was there that day, he/she would see the long line of plastic bags and a big sack - full of trashes and unwanted stuff. I am really sentimental about some things but not to the point that I would keep everything. If I see no urgent and further use of an item, garbage you go. That's exactly one of the hundred differences between me and my mom. After which, I washed the dishes, wiped the table, cleaned the sink and the bathroom. It was almost 3pm when I had my real food intake. Then I watched vcd copies of NCIS and when I got a text message from
Jovee, I decided it was time to take a bath since I would be having dinner with some good friends. I was a little late and I found Jon, Jary, papa Kerwin, Jovee and Sally waiting for me. We had dinner at Teriyaki Boy and it was my first time to dine there. I was actually dreading to eat there because of some reasons but I found my order: Chasyu Don very appetizing and filling. It was a very big serving.

May 17-Tuesday: Home, sweet home. I watched NCIS all day but latter in the afternoon, I tidied up my cluttered room. Evening came and I cooked dinner for mamu and sis.

May 18-Wednesday: This was the day that I woke up with a heavy, frustrated heart - I had a good night sleep and satisfied with what I was doing for the past 2 days. When I opened my eyes, a sudden realization hit me. I will be turning 27 in a few days and I could not say anything worthwhile about what I had done for myself after graduation (that was 5 years ago). It is like I wasted 5 years of my life. What first came to mind was to contact
Alma. She was a college orgmate and I knew before she was taking a master's degree in public governance. I am interested to take that one, as well as Environmental Science. I have long given up Economics. As I was searching for her number in all my phonebooks, I could not find a way to contact her. Then I realized that she posted somewhere that she had changed numbers and that time, I thought it wasn't so important since I could reach her by email. One thing I learned that morning: make sure that you jot down contact information of the people you know, even though they are just mere acquaintances. You'll never know when will be the next time you will correspond with them. Good thing, I had Malen's number and I asked Alma's. After a few minutes, I got a feedback from Alma about my inquiries. I contacted TJ (former colleague who's taking her master's degree in Peyups) and Jeni , (a co-volunteer in Pahinungod who's also taking her MA in UP Manila but working in UP Diliman's School of Economics). With all the information that I need, I got ready - took a bath, packed my new bag (I just bought it and I really, really liked it a LOT) with all the necessary things I have to bring. I headed first to my alma mater in UP Manila to acquire my fresh set of TOR and after which, I hit UP Diliman. Tell you what, the trip from home to the Manila campus to Diliman was an annoyingly-hot tour for me. It had been a long time since I commuted in Taft Avenue. It was so polluted, bitingly-hot and the streets and establishments were so different from the one I used to see then. In short, I almost got lost with the changes in the city. After I boarded a jeep from Faura, my head was racing for ideas how I could be at Quezon City before the clock hits 4pm. The traffic jam was so unbearable. I was thinking of Buendia but that's taking the Ayala MRT and going back to Quezon Avenue. Waste of time. Then I remembered the jeepney that I used to take when I was a new kid on the labor force. I got off at Pedro Gil and asked around where the Guadalupe-route jeepneys were stationed. I went there and boarded to Guadalupe, not knowing where the hell it would turn me up. Viola! I found myself walking a few steps away from the Guadalupe MRT station. Whatta relief it was to feel cool in this cursed heat (I thought). Before boarding the jeep that would take me to UP-landia, I dropped by at 7-11 to buy a can of dalandan soda since I need something to quench my thirst. At 4pm, I was on-board the UP Campus jeep and since I wasn't so familiar with the location of colleges in UPD, I told the driver to drop me off at the College of Art and Letters. Actually, I was heading to the College of Sciences to inquire about their MS Program for Environmental Science. Anyway, I got there in time but unluckily, I did not reach their deadline of submission. Huah! Whatta disappointment. They told me to inquire early next year. Next year? As in 2006? I can't wait that long. Anyway, I didn't have time to check NCPAG anymore. They have a website and my priority is EnviScie. I called Jeni if I could drop by at School of Econ and see her. As usual, chikahang walang katapusan. Ang lowlah, blooming and I know she is happy with the way her life is going. Siempre, self-pity ulit at inggit ako. Well, she deserves it for what she had gone through. She's emotional but she knows how to beat this life's injustice.

Anyway, I had to cut our 'chisms' short since I had to rush back to
Shangri-la and took dinner with Jon and Jary. Unfortunately, papa Kerwin couldn't make it. We dined at Kenny's and chatted about anything. Hindi kasi binigay ni Jon yung POV niya about Jary's query eh. *toink* After dinner, I begged off if we could drop by at National Bookstore. I wanna check new titles and see if the travel guide book I have been looking for is already available. Still, no stocks.

May 19-Thursday: Usual house chores and surfing. Got ready and went out to meet
Dex at Glorietta. We had a reservation for the movie, Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. All I can say it was superbly great. Idol talaga si Yoda. It even merited a number of big applause from the audience. Akala ko tuloy, I was watching a play. Lol!

May 20-Friday: TGIF! Bahay lang. Mini-word war with my mom. I really don't understand her. Patas lang, she doesn't understand me, too. Hmp.

May 21-Yesterday: Surfing all day. But when Dex arrived later in the afternoon with a half-gallon ice cream and a box of big pizza (thank you very much), we watched the movie,
Sahara. This is one of the movies based on novels that did not make me disappointed. It was like the book and the movie were nothing but one. Very engaging.

May 22-Today: I checked emails, surf, blog, checking for new blogskins (I'm getting tired of my current skin). I checked
Friendster and I already got a number of advance greetings on my impending birthday. To those who greeted me in advance, Thank you.

Before I forgot, belated greetings to these people:
Jon (May 12), Lhen-tot of ATMC (May 21), Portia {schoolmate in WHS} - (May 20). Also, advance happy birthday to my Vietnamese colleague, Khanh Le (May 23).

And today, somebody important in my life just lied to me. I had the notion last night but I did not push it; because I might be wrong. Narrow-mindedness and assumptions that you actually know me won't build your case as a justification for what you did. Whatever, you lied to me and I feel so betrayed. You just don't know what thousand things go on in this head of mine.

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