Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Movies Galore

I am becoming a movie addict lately. Here are what I have to say about the movies I had watched for the past 2 months.

  1. Batman Begins - Unlike other people, I am not really a fan. Though I had watched some, this one is the best among all those Batman movies that I had seen. I pre-judged that Christian Bale would make the movie a failure but he delivered it great and well. I liked the sequence of how Bruce Wayne become the Gotham savior, Batman. His transformation was more noticeable in his physical attributes. Alfred the butler was very endearing here with his witty lines and bouts of humor.

  2. Sin City - Honestly, I got lost in the story. I did not know that this film was based in a comic book. I did not understand the connections of the main characters. I learned later on that it was basically a tale about a town of the corrupt, toughies, dames of the night, crooked cops, sadists, vigilantes and reluctant heroes. Each had its own story to tell. I did not like it all the more due to gruesome, bloody, absolutely repugnant scenes.

  3. Mr. and Mrs. Smith - I heard a lot of negative comments about this film but I did not care. Angelina Jolie is one of my 3 favorite women icons and I really, really admire her. Brad Pitt, well, I jumped up in the crazed Pitt-wagon. Could you believe to be married to a guy who did not even know for how long had he been married? Was it 5 or 6 years ago? :) Mr. and Mrs. Smith was a story of astonishingly laughable, sleek action of an otherwise glorious but muddled married life.

  4. Unleashed - I am a lover of Chinese movies and I love Jet Li. If you are, I suggest you better not watch this. It was a degrading characterization and I really could not believe that Jet Li accepted to portray in this movie. It was sickening to watch it.

  5. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith - Star Wars Epsode I: Phantom of the Menace was the reason why I am laxed now in watching sci-fi movies. It was a big no-no then. But I had begun to love Star Wars episodes. I joined the throng of fanatics (but I am more on the lighter side, if there are really light core fanatics) in waiting for this film. Anyway, I cold say that this was the best among the first 3 episodes. George Lucas at his very best. It was a tearjerker. It was the darkest, most emotionally intimate George Lucas SW film. I fund light saber duel between Anakin and Obi-wan fantastic and well-choreographed. As I mentioned before, I thought I was watching a play because the movie watchers stood and loudly applauded. I remain seated but I gave a big clap as well. :)

  6. Kingdom of Heaven - The film was in the context of the endless battle between the Christians and the Muslims for the holy city of Jerusalem. Actually, I watched this film only because of Liam Neeson whom I admired first in Star Wars Episode I and in the Schindler's List. I sort of liked the film for it showed complementing respect and consideration as possibilities between the Christians and the Muslims. Balian and Saladin mutually decided not to go on war with the possibility of the Christians to endure since they were no matched to the great troops of the other party.

  7. In Good Company - I gave this movie a thumbs-up sign for showing what life is all about and what really matters the most.

    1. Enjoy your way up; don't rush things.
    2. Always remember that in haste, one tends to leave something behind.
    3. Don't think that being younger and more energetic is tantamount to being smarter.
    4. Family will always be family. Love, warmth and togetherness - that's family.

  8. xXx: State of the Nation - I was never able to watch the prequel of this movie that starred hunk Vin Diesel in the title role. Watching its sequel that stars Ice Cube [what kind of namae (name in Nihonggo) is that?] made me realize that I like the kind of action I saw in this movie. Normally, movies with this kind of script (political conspiracy leading to a coup d'etat) will bore you of speeches and monologues of nationalism and patriotism. Here, you'll get dizzy with quick, agile, bone-breaking stunts and glitzy automobiles.

    Why do I presume that there will be another actor playing the role of xXx in its next sequel (is there such a phrase as next sequel? Correct me if I am wrong, please)? I think Samuel Jackson put that idea in my head and my grey matter hatched it.

  9. The Jacket - In the beginning, I got confused where exactly the story was heading. As the story unfolds, I got a clearer picture. When Jack Starks played by Adrien Brody was tied to a jacket and placed in a morgue drawer, I felt cold shivers ran down through my spine. I tried to picture myself in his place and it was so frighteningly revolting. Also, the movie did not explain how possible it was to time-travel 15 years into the future. It was also disturbing to think that his future lover (played by Keira) was the young girl he helped out when they got stranded. Yeee.

  10. Sahara - I rarely admire movies based on books because more often than not, the movies usually deviate some important details from the books. Based on a novel written by Clive Cussler (which has become a favorite lately), this film was one of those types that kept me glued on my seat. It was a delightful action adventure teeming with breathtaking action and hilarity. I gave a high-five to Matthew McConaughey playing the character of Dirk Pitt and to Steve Zahn as Al Giordino, Pitt's loyal sidekick. I recommend for anyone to check this out because you will love it, laughing yourself out all the time.

  11. The Interpreter - An appealing movie; the flow kept me guessing, making me think and wonder. I had never seen Kidman looking as chic as she did playing the starring role of a UN translator. It seemed like her much publicized break-up with Hollywood's one of the sexiest man did much good to her physically.

  12. The Wedding Date - Debra Messing & Dermot Mulroney did a fine act in this movie. Hahay. I got a crush on Mulroney. *sigh* Such a gentleman. It was outrightly romantic and surprisingly funny. The songs that were carried by the movie made it more romantic to watch. Though on the other side, it would have been more exciting if the film provided innuendos about the romance between Kat & Nick truly worth experiencing. Side note: a broken-hearted NY career woman who hired a professional escort at a fee of $6,000 who would pretend as her boyfriend so as not to look pathetic at her half-sister's wedding where his ex-bf would be the bestman. Desperate problem calling for desperate solution? That's already pathetic, acting out of sheer desperation. Getting your heart broken is part of the love aspect but it is not the right reason to cut off your second chance to love.

  13. Hide and Seek - I thought it was a suspense thriller but in totality, the plot of the movie was incredibly stupid. I wonder if Robert de Niro's acting capability going down the drain. I liked Dakota Fanning (as usual) and she naturally portrayed her role.

    "Charlie, Charlie. Come out, come out! Where are you?"

  14. Closer - All about agonized human relationships. It was emotionally disturbing; dialogues were brutally straightforward. I was sort of disappointed with Julia Robert's role here which was very unlikely of her films. Clive Owen demonstrated a very good performance; just look at the romantic anguish painted all over his face.

  15. Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous - This is the funniest movie ever. It was very refreshing to see the usual comic charm of Sandra Bullock as injected in the movie.

  16. The Pacifier - Oh, Vin Diesel was so lovable here. I had been laughing out loud in the entire duration of this movie. When the housekeeper - a Dracula descendant look-alike left the house, Shane was left alone - learning how to deal with changing diapers, directing a play, teaching how to drive, putting a toddler to sleep, telling a good night story, teaching self-defense. He looked so cute in the diaper scenes and the part where he wore an ammunition belt bearing feeding bottles. The hilarious part was when Lulu asked Shane why his boobs were so big. Ok, they're not boobs. Hehehe.


  1. mukhang movie addict ka na nga hehehe. pero oks lang yun! basta may pambayad ka ba sa movie house, hehehe. out of 17 movies you mentioned i only had a chance to watch 3 (batman, mr&mrs smith,starwars3).

  2. pst, hehehe. Not all of them were watched in the cinema. Selected lang. Some of them were seen vis dvd while eating pizza and ice cream..=) Also, I watched the last 3 you mentioned in the cinema..Hehehe!

  3. i like watching movies too, whether in cinema or just seated/slouched/lying in the sofa. hehe. I saw hide and seek in a friend's house and it didn't scare us AT ALL. we actually laughed while watching it. (really!)

  4. Angeni, true that movie was funny, trying to be scary..:D


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