Friday, June 3, 2005

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It has been 5 long years since I left the university to face a new chapter of my life as a member of the working class. Right after graduation, except for a few close friends-classmates, I lost touch with my college batchmates. It seemed all of us were too eager to face the challenge of a new, demanding life that was expected to take us all to greater heights of our existence (read: CAREER). To cut the chase, I recently got connected with Marishka, one of the original members of the block I joined when ours was de-blocked. She is one of the nice and funny gals I used to chat and hook up with during my free time and just minutes before our always-late-professor enters the buzzing classroom.

Actually, I knew then where she was working because I accidentally met 3 of my batchmates {
Margaux, JC, Janet} (in 3 separate instances) and each time they let me guessed who among our classmates they were working with. Marish was one of them and I recently learned (straight from her) that she is now connected with ADB acting as consultant. Unfortunately, she is not occupying a regular staff position there, which is pretty usual in the company's hiring scheme. Hopefully, she will be a regular come next year. By the way, Honey Mae & Ela are already regulars at ADB.

On the other hand, I was able to talk to
Arthur through Friendster messaging that he already got married (well, he said Ela & Lemuel did, too) and enjoying married life despite the hard climbs of life. We exchanged information after catching up with the hows, whos, wheres and whys of each other's lives. Right now, he is connected with the Philippine Stock Exchange right after taking a master's degree in Business Management at UP Manila.


For those who will be jumping the marriage wagon soon, do check this out:

Wedding Videos by Jason Magbanua offer extraordinary services and I guess their output is pretty worth the price you're gonna pay. Anyway, I did not actually come across this site. My so-called 'cousin', Kuya Zedrick, hired their services ala MTV style.

I had the chance to check other videos and this one made me cry and laugh the most. The captured scenes and emotions touched me and sure I wish to have one like that for myself.
Mackie's may-I-cry act was so natural and you know what was going on inside that head of his. Is he one of the rarest male species on earth who showed his actual emotions in public? I think love really has something to do with it; like you cannot live life without it.

Check out
Iris' & Mackie's wedding video. I am sure you will agree with me.


Congratulations to
Deor - for having a cute, bouncing baby girl named Asha. Hope to see you soon, pal!


I took a peep somewhere, wanting to know what the stars have in store for me and this was:

This is going to be a significant period for you. There can be turning points in your activities. You have the charm and the opportunities to get you by. A younger colleague will be supportive. He or she may help you in your tasks. Males in general can be a source of luck for you. Travel is likely this period. Your mind is restless and you want to break free from your day-to-day routine for a while.

Males in general as source of luck? Will that be good or bad? Hehehe. Hope it's good. Travel is likely at this period? You bet but I am currently having second thoughts. I have to decide till this weekend if it will still be Bohol or just pick another travel destination. Da** it! Mind is restless and wants to break free from everyday stress? Does it count if I admit that I am always day-dreaming of a stress-free vacation like lazing in the beachside or in a hammock under a big tree with a good book and a pina colada?

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