Friday, June 3, 2005

Pauleen's Coming Out

Like the expectant & excited father that he has become, bad boy Roy aka dadi Roy sent out invitations to his first-born's baptism. Together with Dex, Chummy, Bajoy, Jenard, Jay, Jherry & Carmi, JR & Apple, we headed to Batangas early Sunday morning (just a day after my birthday). While the rest commuted to Lipa, 4 of us (Chummy, Bajoy, Dex & I) hitched with Jay in his pick-up.

The trip was rather long. The place was kinda remote for a regular commuter. The guys had to hopped in at the back of the pick-up since there was no transport available. There was also a steep, winding drive uphill. I commend Jay's good driving skills.

I do not want to elaborate nor narrate what had happened there. All I can recall were 3 things: nonstop photo shoot, non-stop videoke and eating Roy's handa. By the way, the first-born baby's name is

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