Friday, July 22, 2005

July 25 - Monday: Special Non-Working Holiday in MM

Monday a non-working day in Metro Manila

First posted 02:14pm (Mla time) July 22, 2005
By Christine O. Avendano
Inquirer News Service

Malacanan has declared Monday, July 25, a special non-working day in Metro Manila.

Monday is the opening of the second regular session of Congress.

In Proclamation No. 880, Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita said the day was declared a non-working day "to encourage and give opportunity to Filipinos to listen to the [State of the Nation] address of the President and be involved in the affairs of the country."

Premise A: I work in Makati. This is a fact.
Premise B: Makati is in Metro Manila. This is absolute fact.
Conclusion: Correlating the premises to the news above, I can therefore say that I do not have work on Monday. No work, no office.

I have an ongoing project schedule till Tuesday. All activities were pre-coordinated and confirmed.

Premise A: I have a confirmed schedule to visit 2 industrial plants in Cavite on Monday.
Premise B: Cavite is not in Metro Manila.
Conclusion: Therefore, I have to go to work on Monday.

Either way, 2 things are certain:
Fact 1: My superior will be the one to decide.
Fact 2: I get a holiday pay if I am forced to work on Monday.

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