Saturday, July 23, 2005

I Won Freebies Again

Sometimes it really feels good winning freebies, don't you think? =) After all, acquiring freebies is becoming a rarity these days. Well, well. I am just one of the few, lucky ones who got some. Thanks to PEx. Hehehe.

It was a yuhoo for me for 3 times when I accessed my inbox to know that I got premium prizes as well as movie tickets for two!

From the movie , I got this very cute, pinkish, velvety notebook with Miss Congeniality on the cover. It look so perfectly pretty that I cannot bring myself to write on it. Hehehe.

The next one was from the movie, . Here I got a House of Wax shirt and this black wristband. The shirt is not meant to be worn when going out because the fabric is too thin. On the contrary, the fabric is so soft to the touch and I think then that it will be such a comfortable fit when I don it for my slumber. About the black band, I handed it to my brother.

Last but not the least and in fact, the greatest freebie amongst the three is from the latest action adventure film, . I got a pair of invites in the advance screening of 'The Island' last July 18 at the SM MegaMall Cinema 10. I prodded Dex to come with me though I was not sure if it was me or the movie that made him decide. He was (and still is) on the graveyard shift at work. Bummer. Anyway, the movie was great and worth the time.

By the way, thanks to
Jenn/gasoline for being nice in meeting with me and Dex everytime we claimed those prizes. It was pleasant to meet you for three times at the coffee shops of Starbucks and Seattle's Best. I have met you before this but there was never a chance to say hullo to you then. I hope that we can meet again, have a cup of something (mine is mocha frappe or the one with the oreo, what's yours?) and have a nice chit-chat even though there are no prizes to claim. Thanks to you - for braving the dust and soot, the rain, the vehicular and human traffic. To PEx and the generous sponsors, thank you *muah* and please keep it up. Hehehe.

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