Friday, August 5, 2005

Escape To Baguio

Dear Me,

I miss dear, old Baguio. That cold place has been my hideaway sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of everyday living here in Manila. Despite the shortened visits, I feel rejuvenated each time I come back here to face the next day of pollution and stress. It has been almost 5 years since I started this habit of disappearing from the metropolis during weekends. The nature of my work has brought me places and usually commands a very active, agile body with a strong resistance to boot. My physical stamina is strong enough to cope up with the exhausting demands of my job. It is my pyschological (the mental and emotional) aspect that is driving my spirit restless.

For the first 3 years, I went alone, solo. I preferred it that way. It felt wonderful to be alone, doing your own thing, biding your own time. It was great to discover an adventure for myself. I even made some good friends there.

One time, I also spent my weekend in Baguio (last December 2002) with my close friends from PEx - Jon, LA & Mariel. Yeah, just the 3 of us. Jary, Kerwin, Jheng and Paul were pretty tied up that time so we went ahead. It was fun. I really miss those times!

When I met my boyfriend Dex, I brought him to Baguio as well. Hehehe. He was like a child, enjoying his time there. We had so much fun then. Whenever I go to Baguio, I always request him to come. Hmm. For a while, I think it was fine with him but I guess there was a time that I felt like he was sort of giving in just to go with me. I guess nagsawa yata siya because it has always been Baguio. But of course, except for money and the weather, nothing can stop me from going there. Hehehe. Well, he always comes along whether I invite him or not. The perks of having a boyfriend who does not want to leave me all alone. Hehehe.

These are SOME of my FAVORITE photos taken during the Panagbenga 2005. I was supposed to post this as thumbnail-cum-image links but they are not working. To view the rest of the photos, click


  1. hi ivy! hopefully you remember me. when i saw your first entry, napangiti ako, kasi "dear me", i remembered my oh-so-old-thread sa pex =) i sooo love the color of your blog! link kita ha. stay happy!

  2. Maan, yes I do remember you. Thanks for the visit and yes, I love this color aside from the baby blues. Sure, you can link me. =)

  3. gusto ko yung pic ng flat wall climbing, thats great!

  4. The farthest place I went alone by land is Morong, Bataan.

    It's great to be on your own sometimes but it's twice the fun if you have a companion.

    I agree. Baguio is the place to be away from the heat of the metro.

  5. there will always be some places that we always go back to and never be tired of.

    enjoy life!

    thanks for dropping by my site. Do drop by again anytime. I enjoyed reading your posts.

  6. CRUISE, I missed wallclimbing there. Too many people lined up during that time.

    EVI, it is really fun to be alone sometimes coz you don't have to worry about your companion's comfortability. Sometimes you feel the adrenaline of adventure and you wanna go for it but hesitant to push it through. But of course, it is also great when you're with the people you want to be with. =)

    MIDORI-X, yes. Life is such a great combination of twist and turns. There's a lot of things going on and may happen. Always depends on how are you gonna approach it. =)

  7. You' ll like the place where I live here in New Zealand. It is called Queenstown. Just like Baguio its a mountain hideaway with an added bonus or shall I say bonuses. Beautiful glacier fed lakes, adrenaline pumping activities such as bungee jumping, paragliding, jetboating, skiing and snowboarding. Yu can climb mountain here through your heart delights cause there are lot of peaks here for professional and amateur monuntaineers. Lot of walking trails for tramping with beautiful and unspoiled environs.Most of the beautiful sceneries in the Lord of the Rings where filmed from Queenstown and neighboring communitiies.

  8. goyong, looks like you're making me envious of your place. Hehehe =) Well, your place sounds great for almost everything that I wanna do. If ever (as in if talaga) I step on your soil in that side of the earth, I'm gonna look for you...hehehe =)

  9. Yes, Baguio is a really, really great place isn't it?
    I'm from Baguio and, apparently, you get to go there more often than I do.
    That's just... sad. hehe

  10. anonymous, you can say that again. I love Baguio. Well, I hope you can visit your hometown soon.

  11. 'parang di ako cute jan sa kuha nten..hehehe. i'l be at baguio with Vilma sa Aug 19,holiday sa 22,dba? hmmm,bka masalubong na nman kita.

  12. bajoy, naatat tuloy ako pumunta Baguio. Punta ko September pa. Maulan kasi ngayon. Musta kamo kay Ms. Vi..hehehe. Btw, did Malacanan announce na holiday ang 22nd?

  13. ko lng.ninoy day ksi sa aug 21 and it falls on a sunday,pero qc day sa aug 19,so i definitely have a 3-day-vacation.yipeeee!,il tell Vi u said hi..

  14. mukhang di yata holiday yun. Magkagalit sina GMA & Cory eh...hehehe :) I'll have mine on September..:) You guys have fun..:)


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