Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Missing Schedules, Getting On Track

Dear Me,

What is wrong with me? I am having this bad habit of passing up marked plans and schedules. Bad habit because it may lead again to a bad attitude. As what has been said since time immemorial, "big things start from small ones." So if I start missing out social skeds (it does not matter if it involves meeting friends as long as I have made a commitment to see them), I will feel later on like taking emergency leaves because the idea of staying home, away from work is more powerful than anything. Based on my experience, I tend to make tons of credible excuses just to reason out my absence to anyone. My bad!

So far, what did I miss?

  • meeting a 'balikbayan' friend and having coffee;
  • joining a sports-climbing crash course;
  • attending church services;
  • taking part in a *club get-together;
  • participating in a volunteer orientation.

It took me a week of convincing myself that nothing good will come out of my life if I continue to dwell on this kind of lazy act. I visualized the effect of this soon-to-be attitude and it got me on my feet. Believe me when I say it did work. Hehehe.

So, I found myself attending the BMC during the last weekend of July.

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