Friday, September 23, 2005

People's Impressions

Dear Me,

I was bloghopping when I came to
Jovee's site. I was wondering how other people perceived me; so I copied the text below and sent it to some people I know.

Give me the 1st 3 things that comes
to your mind that will describe me.
It can be negative or positive.
Edit it then send it to me.
Do the same & know what people think of you.
Thanks :-)

Some of them had promptly replied.

  1. Alma Rose: gorgeous, smart, funny

  2. J-1: cute, bungisngis, sensitive/ma-pride

  3. Salva: intelligent, beautiful (inside & outside), frank

  4. Mariel: makulit, maharot, palatawa

  5. Sally Mae: mabait, pretty, makwento

  6. Pasky: patient, lovable, kind

  7. Jill: palaban/mataray na lowlah, mahilig mag-shopping na lowlah, kikay na lowlah

  8. Jheng: simple, kind, cheerful

  9. Marishka: never forgets to keep in touch, cool, loves pink

  10. Virgo: independent, sporty, thoughtful

  11. Kuya Zedrick: mahilig manlibre, mapagbigay, sexy ------> eto ang puro kasinungalingan. Loko kaw! =)

  12. Jary: malambing, thoughtful, makabalik sa talaan

  13. Jon: emotional, adventurous, unfulfilled

  14. Louise: reserved, warm, responsible

  15. Rafael A (colleague from DOST): cute, lovely, approachable

  16. Kuya Don: intelligent, pretty, beautiful ------> parang pareho din yun last 2 ah. Cousin nga kita. Hehehe.

  17. Tita Lyn (from UP Mla Acctng Dept): cute, smart, lovable

  18. Sandra Kaneko (colleague from Brazil Office): smart & open-minded, brave, gentle -----> supposedly 3 but she gave 4. Hehehe.

  19. Marinella (climb buddy from ATMC): jolly, nature-friendly, 'taglish'

I think it will be more interesting if the not-so-good side of me will be pointed out. That will sound more real and honest, though. =)

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