Thursday, October 6, 2005

October 1-15: What My Star Says

Dear Me,

I am not really a zealous follower when it comes to horoscope. But sometimes, it is really interesting to know how things are gonna be. Sometimes, too, I cannot help but elicit a guffaw when it says funny but strange things; and there are times, too, that I ruin the day with my bf because it says something negative about love. You know, stuff like, "your love is going to meet someone new," oh, the likes of it. That's why I just read mine and decided to stop reading his so I won't feel bad at all. You may think it is too shallow and I admit it really is. Sometimes, I analyze myself why I reacted like that and most of the time, the rational being in me will come to the conclusion that I am just an insecure girl with too much love for his man. Ask anyone who had suffered like me when the old love that they had before was meant to be forever. I am simply scared out of my wits and thinking about the fact that it may happen again drive me nuts.

This is going to be an important period in love. If you are single, you may meet someone who's going to change your life. Falling in love now is not a distant possibility. Your creative talents may also be recognized by others during this period, you must keep on doing something creative. Children's needs must likewise be addressed. If you are married, there will be an inclination to have a child. What you need to be cautious now is on making a big gamble, whether financial or emotional.

Anyway, I respect those who believe in horoscopes and use it to live their lives. After all, our people from long time ago had utilized it during their time. I believe in destiny as I believe in the capabilities of man with God's blessings. Basically, it is man who crafts his own destiny.


  1. Hope you don't mind, I added you to my links in my blog. Enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. usabaker, no i don't and thanks to you. :)
    I was able to browse your blog &
    it looks interesting.
    Promise to swing by at your place later. :)

  3. yes, girl u'r ryt!! DESTINY is not a matter of chance.. IT IS a matter of choice, hehe, though sometmes, pag nagbrowse ako mag or newspaper, immediately i look 4 d horoscope section. Wala lang, i'm not taking it seriously nmn. Haay, one time may nagpuntang "famous" manghuhula sa bahay. Nagpa feng shui si Tita. Kasama sa binayad ni Tita ang hulaan ang kapalaran ng mga tao sa house. Isa ako dun, guess what?? Badtrip xa, mali pa sinabi sa kin. Napahamak pa ako sa lola ko.. Haha. Ask me lang in person about that "thing". Yoko na i post dito. Pati name nung manghuhula, i'LL tell u kng cno!! ΓΌ

  4. rona, it is really exciting to read one's horoscope especially
    when it sound so interesting. As in you're too curious to know if
    it's going to happen or not. Sige, email kita later. =)


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