Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Each Day That Goes By (1)

Dear Me,

Let me count the ways how my days, weeks, months had passed. Golly! This is becoming a habit. Mmm.

  • I just realize how hilarious Joey Tribbiani is. Honestly, Matt LeBlanc's character in the winning TV series Friends to its spin-off Joey, never waned even a single bit. In fact, his acting prowess shone all the more. Nothing beats Joey (ahem, now I can hear Joey himself saying that, nyahaha!)

  • It seemed like I was watching movies after movies. Most of them were watched via DVD. Yeah, a movie marathon. Just imagine how I spent most of my weekends, my vacation & sick leaves & even the few hours before I close my eyes to sleep.

    1. Coach Carter (I wonder if this kind of iron hand still exists anywhere, especially here in RP)
    2. The Cave (I was with papi when we watched this at Galleria. The movie showed the perils of caving excluding the reality of those monstrous predators. Thinking about being trapped in an underground cave gave me extreme jitters)
    3. Perfect Catch aka Fever Pitch (I just do not know if I can love someone that much when that someone is totally hooked to something you do not even have an idea how or what it is)
    4. Monster-In-Law (Fonda was great here, even JLo did)
    5. Cadet Kelly (I am a Hilary Duff fan...hehehe)
    6. The Skeleton Key (kinda boring in the beginning but throughout the movie, I was literally watching in between my fingers. The scary but 'bulaga' scenes kept me on the edge of my seat)
    7. Crash (might look boring but this one gave out new perspective)
    8. A Lot Like Love (I could not imagine that you could screw a stranger in the plane's wash room without being noticed)
    9. Lovely Rivals (funny Korean movie)
    10. DEBS (I could not believe I finished watching this movie)
    11. The Longest Yard (starring Adam Sandler with the small participation Courney Cox as a bitchy girl)
    12. Arahan (Papi had been urging me for the nth time to watch this but I always made the final excuses. Hehehe. It was inevitable that we did watch it together that I discovered that it was a hilarious movie after all) *bonks self*
    13. The Final Cut (it should not be included here because I did not finish watching this one. It was very dragging from the start)

  • My siblings and I had a feast when Mamu made yummy fruit salad one weekend. Tell you what, it was I who guttled a greater percentage of that dessert. Takaw ko noh? =)

  • Finally, I had my hair rebonded. It took me a number of paydays before I could save that whopping amount in exchange for a couple of months of good hair day & good hair feeling. That's vanity but it was also a necessity. *sings sumusunod sa galaw mo, sumusunod...* Hehehe.

  • For quite a while, I fagged out the remaining hour or two of my waking moment during weekdays watching the episodes of:
    1. Without A Trace Season 2
    2. CSI Miami Season 4
    3. Jake 2.0
    4. Tru Calling
    5. NCIS
    6. Numbers
    7. The Grid
    8. La Femme Nikita Season 3 (I was addicted to this series when I was in early high school)

  • I had frequent sick leaves for the past few weeks. Yeah, experiencing back pains again? *winks*

  • I was so surprised to learn that she (our hotel's corporate account executive) had resigned without prior notice. I wonder if she resigned because I sort of implied some of her mistakes when dealing with our office. I did not feel guilty because all I told her were criticisms she ought to do something about - it was for her sake and career. Also, I did not think she would resign because of what I said. She was too strong and too smart for that. I'm planning to give her a ring soon.

  • I had been listening to Orange and Lemons music lately. I had their 2003 & 2005 copies.
    When I get near you
    I feel something deep within me
    You know you bring me to new heights
    I'm like a big balloon filled with hot air
    Ready to explode
    Each and every time I kissed you

    The more I'm with you
    The more it feels like
    This could be the beginning of something wonderful
    Yeah, yeah

  • I had been 2 weeks out of the office for a project. It was so draining that there were times I dropped dead, straight into bed without changing clothes. I guess I am REALLY getting older. The big 3-0 is just around the corner. Darn.

  • I found another crepe station! Glorietta has it! But I like better the one at Greenbelt. Also I am raring to have a crepe taste again at Cafe Breton. Sinong gusto makipag-date sa akin doon? Hehehe. *peace* papi. =)

  • I had this caller at home whom I really did not really feel like chatting with. First of all, I never gave him my house number and secondly, the people who knew my number knew MY rules about phone calls at the house.

  • I joined the pre-climb for Mt. Tapulao slated for the next weekend. I was able to meet a few, new climb pals. They seemed nice. And of course, Richard was there. Actually, I did not know he was back in town after his brief working stint overseas. =)

  • I heard that a friend was hospitalized. From what I understood, his body gave up from 'lack of good physical caring'. I then thought to myself that as much as I think that I can manage not sleeping straight for 3 days and just gobble a couple of Red Bull drinks to perk up my woozy mind & body, it won't be soon enough that something worse is to happen. If I really cannot help doing what I usually do, I promise myself that I have to take action, bits and pieces. I just have to.

  • I felt sad that for the nth time, I missed participating in UP Manila Pahinungod's Inception Anniversary. I miss my voltmates, terribly.

  • At last, I was able to buy this 'kikay' shoes that I was ogling for quite a time. It was cute but I just found out that it was not so comfy to wear for a long time. Sayang.

  • As I mentioned before, my pc is still knocked down. Papi had to bring the CPU with him and had it checked out. Hay naku! Nakaka-miss talaga na walang pc kasi hindi ako makapag-surf, makapag-blog at makapag-email chat ng mahaba. Ninuninuninu.

  • I made sure that there would be one Saturday that I would help papi clean his apartment. It was mission accomplished; though we still have to do more intensive cleaning of nooks and crannies. Some other time, hopefully soon.

  • I discovered how yummy Greenwich's Crispy Trios was. Kinda perfect for my taste - tasty beef, onions, tomatoes and cheese on top of a thin, tortilla crust. *salivates*

  • My monthly salary during this period shoot up due to overtime pays. Hehehe. Lotsa money to burn. Ok, I was able to pay a sizable amount for my credit card debt.

  • Just for the benefit of stretching a few muscles and bones before my Mt. Tapulao climb, I had to literally get my ass to the gym in Buendia. It had been quite a while and I was a little off sweating it out at the treadmill and the stationary bike. Jerry of MFPI arrived afterwards and before I gave up, he asked me to do some flexing in one of the equipment. I made a number of repetitions & it was pretty exhausting. Papi was doing the same and after a couple hours, we decided to quit. I was worried that I might tire my legs too much that I would not be able to get up the next day which was still a working day (I had a field project and having muscle pains was inexcusable, at least for me). Well, our efforts were drained so we decided to have a 'feast' at Max' Restaurant. Hehehe.

  • The next day (after office work), I went to shop at Landmark. I was able to purchase a pink, comfy shirt and black pedal pushers. Usually, I do not fit what I buy which normally ends up a little too tight or a little too short for me. So, this time, I took the heat by lining up and trying it on. Satisfied with the fit & size, I bought it. Also, I bought my own groceries (both of which will be needed for some of my household chores to be done that night as well as items needed for my climb during the weekend). Midnight, I started packing my trek stuff since we would be leaving Manila for Zambales by Friday night.

  • Friday was the last day of my project and after the evaluation meeting in the afternoon, I got ready to leave for home. I had to go back home because I intentionally left my trekking bag there. I arrived home by 7:30pm, re-arranged my pack and stuffed all the things I needed in that bag. After an hour, I joined my mother and sister for dinner. I was perspiring so I decided to take a shower at 9pm. I left the house at 9:50pm & by 10:15pm, I was already walking towards the Victory Liner bus terminal in Caloocan. I happened to bump with Carol & Ryu on my way. Anyway, I caught up with Marlon & Che-ann at the terminal as well while the rest were stuck somewhere due to the heavy rain that night. When everybody was up and about, we hit the 11:15pm trip to Zambales. Throughout the trip, I was asleep.

  • We arrived at Zambales Saturday dawn, at 4am. Some went to the market to buy our food while the rest had breakfast. The Mt. Tapulao climb was a good climb despite those spiteful slippery-slimy rocks. They almost sent me sliding down the trail. Bwitet.

  • It was already early dawn (Monday) when we arrived at Manila. I decided to take a half-day leave but ended up in a 2 & a half-day leaves. My muscles were killing me. Hehehe. "Nabanat kasi ng sobra eh." *giggles* During that 2 days, all I did was cleaned the house, ate noodles for lunch (not because I was really feeling weak but because I was feeling too lazy to cook for myself since everybody was out), watched Tru Calling via DVD, cooked dinner for my mom & sis.

  • Well, I missed attending the PinoyWriters' Forum at Powerbooks because I opted to spend scaling trails rather than learning something new about writing. I sort of regret my action but I really wanted to do both; which was not possible.

  • Wednesday mid-noon, I reported for work. Same day as usual except for this Holiday Inn Clark account executive who wanted me to get a membership of some sort. I would have welcomed it if it weren't such a bad time. Hmm.

  • I finally finished watching the episodes of Tru Calling & moved on to the the 3rd season of NCIS showing the following scenes when Agent Kate was shot by this brainwashed agency undercover-turned-terrorist.

  • I was so stunned to have seen the tv news about the Bali attack. I was disturbed by how these insane people could kill countless of innocents. May you NUTS rot in hell.

  • Cutting my rice intake, I usually request Papi that we eat dinner lightly. Usually, we end up at Starbucks (ordering our favorite frappes and croissants) or Wendy's (mine was fries and salad).

  • Mere coincidence or what? Three of my friends - Edith, Jheng & Bajoy would like to meet with everyone. They all said that they were missing our group (PEx & ATMC).

  • I had a chat with an officemate & she revealed that she would be resigning soon. soon mean November. She is bound to try her luck in the US. Now, that sent me rethinking my life's purpose again.

  • I really feel guilty that Arnold keeps on calling me to try their gym out. It is just too far away. I mean, Greenhills is.

  • My violet umbrella gave up on me during my climb at Mt. Tapulao so papi bought me another 2 violet umbrellas of the same type & shade. It had been raining everyday and I hated bringing those big umbrellas we had at the house.

  • Due to the perceived idea that I was not feeling well because of my muscle pains at the back, I was excused from joining a field project.

  • Papi told me a bad news about his work & I really felt sad and worried for him. Makarma ka din for the bad things you are doing to your people there. (I could not help but wish that I am a mangkukulam. Hehehe)

  • For 2 days, I was compiling photos at work & the ones that I got with me. I was archiving them chronologically before I burn them completely.

  • Finally, I had started reading Marian Keyes' book 'Under The Duvet' - she really writes well.

  • I was at Manila Hotel last week to man our booth as organized by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce in this year's Philippine Business Conference. The day was a drag but the good thing was there was a hall that served as heaven for me - with lots of food & stuff like native bags, accessories, etc. Even Montanara was there. But I was saddened when Jil bought the purple backpack I was eyeing devilishly.

  • Due to a recent cold confrontation + misunderstanding in the office, I had to encash my cheque at Citibank by myself. Despite the office's initiative, I denied it since I was capable of doing that (except in-between my project schedules where I am mostly out in the field) Oh, pride.

  • Once in a while, I get into a minor tiff - either with my mom or my sis. My mom because of misinterpreted gestures or wrong choice of words; my sister because of her irritating attitude when reminded of her only required task in the house.

To be continued...


  1. by gawd, u can really blog! this is by far the longest entry i've ever seen! (seen, yes, because i'm sorry, i didn't get to finish reading the whole thing, it's just wayyyy too longggg.)

    just some comments:
    1. i loved CRASH. kahit medyo dragging sya, i can totally understand how they got all those wonderful actors & actresses to star in this movie.
    2. i liked THE FINAL CUT. kahit sabihin mong dragging sya, may sense yung movie. u have to watch it in its entirety to see the point (kasi bandang huli mo na sya maiintindihan). and honestly, it's really a serious movie, kaya sya dragging. i can't imagine how they could make it more exciting to get the point across.
    3. i love Joey (and FRIENDS, syempre)! may season 2 na ba? i've seen the entire season 1 eh.
    4. how much did u spend for ur rebond? i got the rebond look last august for my birthday. "look" lang kasi combo lang sya - relax + cellophane. spent 1,100. i'll probly redo it next month, para medyo 4 months naman syang tumagal. hindi pa naman buhaghag ulet yung itsura di ba? (see recent friendster pix.)

    anyways, yun lang. hope ur doing fine. miss ko na kayo ka-gimik. ya know, we should do that baguio thing again sometime.

  2. whew! i had to take a water break just to finish your entry! but it's great to hear from you again. very busy, ha! :) take care!!

    will look for arahan. i rather enjoy these hilarious korean flicks.

  3. uy KATZ, panoorin mo din yung "my boyfriend is type B". korean na nakakatuwa din. gustong gusto ni ivan. :-)

  4. mariel, CRASH made sense. I liked it.
    The Final Cut, ok, i'll reconsider watching that till the end. :)
    Regarding the hair thing, hay naku, way too expensive.
    well, I hope maka-gimmick uli tayo. :)

    katz, better check the movie dex mentioned.
    Korean din yun and you're gonna laugh nonstop. Hehehe. :D


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