Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Making Love & Men's Ego(tism)

Dear Me,

What do you think about creating your firstborn up there in the mountains? Will it be fun and memorable? Or will it be such a big disaster?

Before anyone can think of wild thoughts about this thing and putting a face (of me) pertaining to my story, let me clarify that I am not referring to myself.

I was browsing the yahoogroup and there was this guy who was planning to bring his wife to climb a mountain, only to reach a certain peak. Take a wild guess; let your thoughts run wild. Hihihi!

He was asking for suggestions which mountain is the most perfect 'arena' (where) to sow his victory.

Top contenders were
Mt. Batulao and Gulugod Baboy. I haven't been to either mountains but I heard how nice these mountains are.

I have nothing against this guy nor his plan. They're married, for goodness' sake. In fact, I want to say good luck and have a great time. =)


Reading through the mail (again), I saw another topic. This pertained to a recent showing by
The Correspondents: Team Everest.

Initial comment was an inquiry (for enlightenment) about bringing canned goods.
Somebody commented that since there were foreign guest climbers, the Pinoys would prepare something more different; presumed that this was because the climbers were preparing for the Everest climb.
Another remarked that bringing canned goods is a no-no; aside from being an added load.
Somebody rejoined that it was kinda embarassing to serve canned food to foreign guest climbers.
It's what they like, so be it.
There's no need to make a fuss about something as 'simple' as that.
Comments were expressed so take them as they were and that a novice climber just wanted to know.

That was how the exchange went by as I read on. But someone hissed about bashing comments when they were supposed to be taken as plain comments. The word 'respect' about accepting one's opinion was brought to attention. Someone tried to pacify but another jump to the bait and ignite the flame.

What's with these men? Sobrang mainitin ang ulo. Yung mababaw lalong pinapababaw.

Opinion ko lang naman no (wag kayo magalit sa akin): Naisip ko lang nagka-clash yung mga feeling real, long-time climber at yung mga matagal na talagang nagka-climb pero wala silang paki kung matagal ka ng umaakyat. Yung iba naman talagang mainit ang ulo kapag mali ang pagka-deliver ng gusto mong sabihin. Say it to me gently, wika nga. Yung iba naman na alam talaga ang sinasabi, dahan-dahan lang ang ratsada ng mga salita, p're. Nagtatanong lang eh.

Welcome to the world of man. Do tell me, is it really inherent in man's nature to be a pesky, arrogant, egocentric prick?

I'm not trying to make generalizations so please (to anyone), don't even try to use that tone crap with me.

If anyone wants to comment, go ahead. Just make sure nobody's gonna have a word fight here.

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