Thursday, December 15, 2005

Email To My Former Philo Professor

Dear Me,

I drafted a new resume because the one that I had submitted to many companies more than 5 years ago looked so 'juvenile' and unprofessional.

Five years ago, in my eyes, it was the unsullied piece of my entire life's ability and accomplishments.

Browsing at it, I felt shame and saw hilarity in that 2-piece of paper detailing my qualifications to anyone that would give me a chance to earn my own keep.

So I did make a new one, copied and paste some facts from the old piece and scoured old documents, files that would definitely enhance and upgrade my selling points. =)

While at it, I saw the names of the people I listed for references. My goodness! I was wondering if they still knew me. We hadn't had any communication of any kind for more than 5 years now. Time really passed by...swiftly as they say.

Anyway, here's my email to my former Philo professor. I decided to use a certain tone in my email to make things easier (for me). Besides, I know how he will react to this (he is gonna laugh and wonder who the hell I am; racking his brains for recognition of a memory almost 6 years old).
Dear Sir Ariel:

Good Morning!

My name is (real name) and I was a former student of yours at UP Manila, hmm, I guess that was many, many years ago. Wala pa naman pong 10 years. =) I took Philo I under you.

I was also a former student assistant in the UPM Accounting Department then. I used to deliver some accounting documents at your office and I always see you there.

Before I graduate and finally leave the comforting walls of UP, I requested (and begged.....hehehe, just kidding) to have your name listed as one of my character references in my resume. Well, you said yes.

I am writing you because I am updating my resume and also, I am planning to take graduate studies. Will you be so kind to help me? Please, please....=)

If you find it agreeable, I would be glad to crash in (este, drop by) at your IMS office. I will even bring my class card (hope I got a high grade in your subject..hehehe).

Sir, sige na po. I am begging you please...(now, I remember that's a song from somewhere).

Salamat po ng marami.

Ang inyong dating masipag na estudyante,
ivan (babae po ako) =)

PS. Kung sino man po ang nakakabasa nito, nakikiusap po ako na paki-forward kay Sir Ariel ang aking email. Pasensya na po at wala talaga akong alam kung paano siya mako-kontak.

Salamat ulit!
Obviously, I sounded so frustrated; more like pathetic. I need to have him since my graduate application forms require university mentors as references. Hay buhay.


  1. Hey, nice blog page. Definitely worth a bookmark.

    If you want a really great laugh, read People these days don't get to laugh nearly enough - this is my remedy!

  2. Horace, thansk a lot. Appreciate it. :)
    Promise to drop by at your blog in a while. :)


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