Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Coca-Cola Bottle Collection

Dear Me,

I have read somewhere that the Tourism Department together with the Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines will be releasing limited edition bottles showcasing our various tourist destinations, famous festivals and products. This is for the purpose of further boosting our tourism domestically.

From what I remember, these
Coca-Cola 2006 Limited Edition Bottles are 8-oz glass bottles that are wrapped in full bearing the Department's "Byahe Na" trademark. Every month, one tourist destination will be featured. The province of Cebu is the featured destination for this month.

I am fixated on collecting these bottles for 12 months. Hehehe. =) It is a nice collection aside from being the perfect souvenir item for travelers.

By the way, each bottle costs PhP20 only. They are available at airports, hotels & resorts, souvenir shops, pier and bus terminals, restaurants and food outlets, gasoline stations, supermarkets and during fiestas for a limited period of time.

(thoughts to myself: "laki na naman ng sales and profits ng beverage company na ito.")

Tourism says, "Tara na, biyahe tayo..."

I say, "Tara na, bili tayo..." =)


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