Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Photos: Jan 14-15 ATMC Climb At Mt. Kairukan

Dear ATMC peepz,

I had uploaded the photos taken (using Papi's digital camera) during our climb last weekend at
Mt. Kairukan in Bataan. Since I don't have a paid account for image hosting (and the group's website isn't up yet), I created 2 accounts at Multiply.

Kindly see for yourself. (part1) (part2)


  1. hey there, found my way here via BlogExplosion. That photo is wonderful

  2. dawn, thanks for dropping by.:)

  3. Hi there... thanks for dropping by my blog! I love your pictures... I haven't been to the Philippines since 1976 but at least through the internet I feel semi-connected again!

    Also, I love the song that's playing... who is it, I've never heard it before.

    Take care... I'll be back!

  4. Oops... that was quick! I googled the lyrics... Avril Lavigne's "I'm With You" -- cool.

    Fits my mood exactly right now... lost in love again. Gained another wonderful friend... but lost a love. :(

    Oh well.

  5. madley, thanks for the drop! =)
    hope you can visit the Philippines soon. It's great here, you know. Just don't mind the political brouhaha those smarta**es are fighting for..=)

    abby, how's the recent balikbayan? =) Back to reality na ba? or still dreaming? hihihi.


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