Friday, January 6, 2006

Resume, Job Applications

Dear Me,

It was my unedited and unrevised resume that made my plan of resignation slipped off from my grasp. That plan was borne since year 2003.

And so before the Christmas holiday, I worked on it and got the result. My updated (I made a new one) resume is ready to be passed on to the hands of prospective employers.

I was in confusion whether I would start sending applications or not. As of today, I have six (6) simultaneous projects ready to roll beginning January 23rd till the first week of March. I couldn't afford to take leaves nor absences before that due to preparations, meetings, etc.

I decided to pursue the next step by March.

Last December 29, boredom took its toll on me. I was in front of my computer and thought about my resume, new job and the like. It stirred a different kind of thrill within me. I applied online.

While my overworked mind screamed "NO", "STOP", my carefree self said "GO, DON'T WORRY." I stuck with the latter. It was easier, thrilling. The thought of experiencing again the things that I did almost 6 years ago in the hunt to earn my own keep was exciting.


I actually desire a career shift. The current thing that I am doing right now bores me to death. No excitement, no growth.

Well, I also do not have plans of totally abandoning my line of work. It has taught me a lot of things and learning new stuff will always be interesting and 'comforting'.

So where did I apply? Let me make the list:
United Nations
Board of Investments
Cebu Pacific

Pending applications:
Asian Development Bank (have to fill-up a form)
World Health Organization (have to fill-up a form)
Foreign government trade agencies (like the one I'm in right now)
Foreign embassies and consulates

Last January 2nd, I got a call from PeopleSupport. I didn't think I pass. I did not expect that call and it was a telephone interview. I wasn't ready to sound formal that day. I was at a loss. Hehehe. No big deal.

At the office this morning, my mobile phone rang. It was a landline number. Somebody from Convergys called in to set up an interview with me tomorrow. I said I couldn't tomorrow. I asked for a Monday schedule and we had it settled at 1600 hours at their Ortigas office.

Blasted! What was I thinking? Tomorrow is a Saturday and that will be the most convenient day. Tokwa. I thought tomorrow's Friday. Bangag.

By the way, I have to contact this Mico guy and have the interview rescheduled tomorrow. (yea, everything sounds 'tomorrow'...)



  1. You might think of it as boredom. But my guess is that your carefree self wants to figure out what your prospects are like. I used to do something similar. I used to quietly apply for jobs here and there eventhough I'm happy and comfortable at my place of work... just so I know how green the grass is on the other side of the fence. It avoids unnecessary speculations. Take Care! :)

  2. marvin, my work used to be fun, exciting and interesting.
    It changed its course more than 2 years ago; no more growth
    and my spirit craves for something out of the usual.
    Also, I agree with you on the idea that the other side of the fence
    may be greener than I expect. :)


It is always refreshing to know what is in your mind. Thanks!