Friday, January 13, 2006

Things To Do Before I Die

Dear Me,

Life is too short as everyone says. It is just up to us how we spend our days. Usually when people die, we cannot help but look back the days that passed by in our lives. Normally, we hear regrets.

I am making a list of things I want to do before I die. This list will include the places I want to go to, things I want to buy/own, etc. All in one list. (Some of them may sound stupid but who cares anyway. Do you?)
  1. see for myself the tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh
  2. ride a gondola in Venice
  3. have a summer vacation at the Bahamas
  4. join a Carribean cruise
  5. explore the architectural ruins of Greece and Rome
  6. visit the following in the US: 1- Aspen, Colorado; 2 - Hollywood, California; 3 - Las Vegas, Nevada; 4 - Los Angeles, California; 5 - San Diego, California; 6 - San Francisco, California; 7 - Seattle, Washington; 8 - Hawaii
  7. tour in Sydney, Australia
  8. walk the length of the Great Wall of China
  9. get a tattoo on my lower back (not the permanent one)
  10. be a good cook
  11. be free from debts
  12. be a goth for 3 days
  13. own a horse ranch (with lots of horses)
  14. learn palm reading
  15. ski at Aspen
  16. learn to play the drums
  17. ride a hot air balloon
  18. be good at belly dancing
  19. load and fire a gun
  20. skydive
  21. donate blood
  22. host a barbeque party
  23. climb Mt. Apo, Mt. KK, Mt. Fuji
  24. bungee-jump
  25. stay in a haunted house
  26. para-sail/para-glide
  27. be part of the F1 circuit race
  28. publish a book
  29. be familiar with my paternal/maternal clans
  30. build an orphanage
  31. tour all the provinces in the Philippines
  32. learn how to play volleyball
  33. ride the merry-go-round again
  34. master squash
  35. visit Transylvania and research on Dracula (hehehe)
  36. visit the Louvre Museum
  37. have a photo taken at the Niagara Falls
  38. own a house
  39. teach kindergarten students
  40. visit all tourist destinations in the Philippines
  41. grow old with my dog
  42. learn to swim
  43. scuba dive
  44. interior decorate my own pad/house
  45. visit my old teachers in elementary and high school
  46. experience an African adventure
  47. learn French, Spanish, German and Russian
  48. speak Kapampangan, Cebuano, Ilonggo
  49. win in a casino
  50. visit and experience the 8 Wonders of the World
  51. drive a motorcycle
  52. a vacation with my mom and dad (Cebu, HK)
  53. donate money to charity
  54. experience a kiss in the rain
  55. work as a crew at McDonalds (any branch will do)
  56. say sorry to the people I hurt, messed up with
  57. interview Saddam Hussein
  58. Learn to dance the seductive tango and salsa
  59. a sensible exchange with Oprah
  60. watch live Bon Jovi's concert
  61. be a better person
  62. bonding with my siblings (Baguio, HK, Singapore)
  63. sleep under the moon and stars
  64. give gifts to all my small nephews, nieces and 'godchildren'
  65. watch live Cher's concert
  66. have a photo with Cher (me wearing the same outfit as hers...hehehe)
  67. establish my own business (a bookstore, internet cafe and a coffee shop)
  68. own a charming beach resort
  69. have a family of my own
  70. read all the 'classic' novels
  71. live temporarily overseas
  72. excel in billiards and bowling
  73. a tour inside Malacanan Palace
  74. master the art of massaging
  75. learn kick-boxing
  76. join a road trip with strangers
  77. a family get-away in a foreign country
  78. be a wedding planner
  79. watch the glorious setting of the sun in a mountain peak (again)
  80. re-read the dictionary
  81. explore the old castles in France
  82. ride a helicopter
  83. be active in horseback riding
  84. be compassionate and patient
  85. learn how to bake
  86. visit France, Thailand, Russia, Italy, Morocco, Puerto Rico, Greece, Jamaica
  87. learn how to drive a car
  88. own a car
  89. find God again
  90. be a recognized photographer
  91. be familiar with psychological maladies
  92. give birth to my own child
  93. be good in kayaking
  94. learn how to fish using a rod
  95. own a billiard table
  96. experience catching fish with the fishermen
  97. be physically-fit
  98. teach a tot how to read and write
  99. deliver a karate kick to a maniac's groin
Both life and death always reminds us of everything: our mortality, ability to face our fears, challenge our capabilities, reach our limits, explore and expand our knowledge, experience adventure, live life and accept death. At least, we know that we live our lives the way we want it.


  1. lot of things u want to do b4 u die...hope u all acccomplish it...

  2. jen, some of them sounds foolish but it would be exhilarating
    if they come tru. Don't you think? =)


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