Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Blog Review

Dear Me,

I was so surprised. Somebody reviewed my blog. Though the review wasn't that great, still somebody took a time off to browse the nonsense blah-blah I wrote here.

I just wonder why they posted a photo depicting the carved stone image of the late Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos. By the way, this stone image is located along Marcos Highway leading to Baguio City and was blasted to destruction a few years ago.


  1. nanghihinayang ako dun sa mukha ni apo marcos. sana hinayaan na lang ng mga tao na naka-ukit yun dun, kahit paano, part of philippine history na yun. :(

  2. jon, you can't blame them. Some went out of their minds. After all, it's history that made them do that.


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