Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Cute Babies

Dear Me,

I can't help myself. Everytime I see these wacky photos, I can't suppress myself from laughing out loud. Goodness. My boss has been wanting to ask me, I guess. I can see him from behind through my mirror.

hmmmm. bagay ba?

huhuhu! Ginawan ko na nga kayo ng target...pati ako tinira nyo!

eh sa feel ko na dito ako si-sexy eh.

haayyyyyy!!! Kaya pala panay punta ni papa sa sauna...

waahhhhhh! Sabi nyo pusa yan!

This is my most favorite photo.

Ano bah! Kulit mo ah! Sabi nang wag gagalawin ang buhok ko eh!


  1. That last picture is classic. I swear i've seen a filipino actor with that same exact look in a movie. :) Can't wait to be back in the homeland.

  2. sooo cute. babies are so adorable.

  3. ken,really? child actor, you mean? :)

    evi, true! they are an adorable bunch. *winks*

  4. hi ivan! nice site u got here, hmmm are you the same person behind the "dear me" column in manila bulletin?

    link kita ha

  5. leviuqse, thanks..:) Nope, I'm not that person...hehehe.

    And of course, you can link me..:)


    Andy, they're really cute. Want me to forward that email I got with those baby pics? :D


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