Thursday, February 16, 2006

I Flopped

Dear Me,

I thought I was ready for the new shift. Guess not. I didn't even do my best nor make an effort to do so. I failed my first take in job application. I failed my simulation exam at
Convergys two Saturdays ago. I was sloppy with time. I even dared to take a few minutes out of my restricted time just to pee. Who can blame me? I really need to pee. But I should have done it before the exam, knowing I had to later on. But I didn't.

Last Monday, I took this exam at
AMN. This girl whom I had been corresponding with provided the batch I was with some great tips on how to answer the exam. And oh boy, I thought I'll pass it with flying colors. I didn't. I still don't have the results but I kow I failed. Not that I am being pessimistic but just realistic. To pass, I need 6 correct answers and I only answered 3. Sure, they were hard but if only I did my best...I knew I didn't.

Convergys asked me to re-take the exam the following Saturday but I didn't show up. Guess it was my pride; embarassed to admit that I will be taking the simulation exam for the second time. But you know what, I got thrilled in taking the exam. It was something new. I still have this curiosity about working my butt off at call centers. After all, I'm game in having a career shift, ain't I? :)

Oops, someone I know from college got in. He passed the simulation and had the interview. He signed the contract this afternoon. Hmm. I wish him well.

Yesterday afternoon, I got a call from
ePERFORMAX. My goodness. I was at the office and I got panicky. A phone interview within earshot of my bosses? I left my work station and went to the library, which at that time was empty of 'eavesdroppers'. Hehehe. The phone interview went well and it was sort of funny, I think. :) I was given a schedule for exam but the date was impossible. I was told to contact him soon as I'm able to.

Another thing was I sent an application to
HSBC. I got a quick reply via email and was instructed to email back with my preferred schedule of exam at their offices, either in Makati or Alabang. I haven't replied yet since I will be out of the office for the next two weeks due to my projects.

There are just some things I have to put on hold at the moment. And let my career life sucks.


  1. what are your expectations in working in a call center?

  2. hahaha, akala ko taga-call center ka, sa HR. Gulat ako sa tanong mo sa email ko. :)

    Expectations? I want a new line, a shift in career. They make me really, really curious. I really want a change.

  3. funny noh? me too, i just wana try call center, it looks cool. i did pass at convergys,kya lng i had second thought if i really like to work on night shifts,weekends and holidays.. i really wanted to leave my job now but im so afraid of that 'change'.. dunno. haay. i wish that perfect new job will just pop out in front of me and i'l be happy...grrrr. goodluck for the two of us..hehe

  4. sis (and to anyone else reading this),
    my brother is a consultant for this call center in eastwood known as C-Cubed. if you're still interested in a call center career, pls give me your resume and i'll hand it over to my bro. email me or sumthin - :)

  5. bajoy, I know what you're experiencing. As much as you want something TO CHANGE but one really can't help but be a little scared. Hirap pa naman ng life ngayon. Hmm. Is there really a perfect job out there? hehehe. Goodluck sa sana magkaka-papa ka na..:D

  6. mariel, thanks a lot. Sige, email ko sa yo cv ko pero end of Feb na. Busy sa projects eh, di makaka-sneak out sa office. hehehe.

  7. sige, pangatawanan ko na:

    "do you know the difference between an inbound call to an outbound call?"


  8. hey.. if you wish to work with us, let me know.. drop a comment or tag at my blog.. ;) i'm working for Caltex. we've got a lot openings! wishing you more luck in your job hunting..

  9. jon, I'm not sure if I understand it right but I'll tell you when I see you...hehehe. Baka kasi mali, kakahiya. =)

    ea, Caltex? Ya ba yung K-search or something like that? The one at Corporate Center, Valero or at 6750? :) Where can I send my resume? :)

  10. sayang, i'm no longer with recruitment at hsbc/hdpp. e di sana, ako interview sayo. :)

    working in a call center has it's pros and cons, as always. definitely, higher pay compared to day jobs (it starts at 12k for those with no cc experience, night differential,etc). you work on a daily basis, di mo kelangan iuwi work mo to catch up on deadlines.
    kaso, sometimes, it gets too monotonous.

    new kid on the block ang shell. i wouldn't suggest eperformax though.

    goodluck po.

  11. ma-an, I just want to have a new tack in my career. Honestly, it sucks too much. Not getting any younger. Hahay. Shell? What Shell?

  12. shell's putting up their own call center. ok daw ang pay. :)

    ok din na you go through headhunters (ward howell, john clements, etc) kasi mas madali ang processing.

    goodluck ulit ha.

  13. ma-an, I haven't seen any ads yet from Shell. Will check that out. Though, I wish I can still find a job not in a call center. I probably suck. Hehehe.


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