Thursday, February 16, 2006

DoT's Road Trips

Dear Me,

I am really beginning to love the administration of
Tourism Secretary Ace Durano. The guy is aggressive and pro-active, very dedicated to his work. Keep it up, Sir. =)
The Department of Tourism has this new thing for promoting backpacker type road trips. This was based on a study that showed that most yuppies today would rather spend their weekends in the mall or indoors, mainly due to the lack of information on how to...take a road trip.

So now, DOT has scheduled 3 Road Trips, the project called ROAD TO ADVENTURE '06. Each trip different from the other, each one with a certain rush, each one making the most of what the outdoors has to offer.

Who can join? Anyone interested in tasting a bit of the outdoor life :) How much to join? The basics, transportation, resort entrance (for areas with resorts), local guide fees. Roughly 500 to 800 per weekend, depending on the location.

How to join? If you are familiar with the road trip, or area, just show up on the dates :) If not, come over to Power Up Pasig for the pre-event briefing. To be given out there: Tips on what to bring, road maps and directions, what to expect, etc.

What to expect? At the pre-event briefings and at the various event sites, there will be guides and experienced outdoors people who will handle your queries on how to enjoy life in the outdoors. From catching a wave, to taking a s***t in the mountain. :)

As for the socials? Music is an integral part of our lifestyle. Definitely...there will be music. :)


Feb 25-26. Surf to Freedom. Crystal Beach, San Narciso, Zambales
Pre-event briefing: Feb 22

April 1-2. Turo turo sa Montalban II. Wawa, Montalban
Pre-event briefing: March 29

May 6-7. Manalmon Bouldering. Madlum Cave Area, San Miguel Bulacan
Pre-event briefing: May 3

For any questions, call Clariezl of Power Up QC at 02-9327273 or Paul of Power UP Pasig at 02-6314675.


  1. hmm okay ito ah. sana maganda ang program na gagawin nila para marami din ang mawiwili. i might sign up for this. thanks for the heads-up! :)

  2. car, I do hope, too na worth it yung gagawin nila. Hope this will push through..:)


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