Thursday, February 2, 2006

Sidebar Update

Dear Me,

It's time to update some portions of my sidebar.
  • Be Inspired ---> I got an idea last night. Instead of posting various quotes at a time, I decided to focus on a certain theme everytime I update this part. For this week, HAPPINESS is my theme. Hopefully, I can update this on a weekly basis.

  • Listening To ---> From Avril Lavigne's I'm With You, I am shifting to Josh Groban's soulful To Where You Are. I've been hearing this song for quite a time and I really didn't know its title nor the person who sang it then. Goodness. The song gives me goosebumps of some kind. The lyrics cuts through my inner being, stirring inside the depths of my soul. So powerful and moving... I love this part:

    And I believe
    That angels breathe
    And that love will live on and never leave

    Fly me up
    To where you are
    Beyond the distant star
    I wish upon tonight
    To see you smile
    If only for awhile
    To know you're there
    A breath away's not far
    To where you are

    And when I die, I want this song in my funeral march's repertoire of songs.

  • Watching DVD/VCD ---> Already finished the Season 1 of House. I'm now shifting to movies. I still have lots to watch; old ones, that is. Here are the line-ups:
    Catch That Kid (2004)
    How High (2001)
    Big Fish (2004)

  • Book Corner ---> Due to my busy sched, reading a book almost takes me a week to finish. And finally, I am now able to put down Tami Hoag's Still Waters. At the moment, I am reading 3rd Degree by James Patterson. From hereon, I am planning to have a list of books that I have read. Meantime, I don't think I can outrightly provide a book review. Just a list first.

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