Thursday, February 2, 2006


Dear Me,

I was busy munching this orange jelly candy when the phone rang. It kept on ringing and when I checked, everyone had a piece in their ears. There was no choice for me but to swallow that candy (much to my disappointment) and picked up that phone.

Me: thank you for calling ____. Good afternoon.
caller: hello. this is from _______.
Me: (didn't actually understand where he was from) Yes? How may I help you, sir?
caller: who's on the line, please?
Me: (brows frowning, I gave him my name). Sir....?
caller: "line went dead."

I really wondered why he called. Hmm. It was a nonsense call and I gave up my yummy orange jelly candy for that.


  1. baka naman fan mo yun, gusto lang marining ang boses mo :D

  2. Jary, hahaha! Feeling ko nagkamali lang ng dial yun.


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