Thursday, February 16, 2006

Tips For Happiness

Dear Me,

I was browsing through this online magazine and came across this article. What do you say? Some tips for happiness.
  1. Make mistakes. If you don't make mistakes, you're not really doing your best.
  2. Do your best.
  3. Tell your parents and children at least once a year what you really think.
  4. One evening a week unplug everything and turn off the phone. Light candles, drink wine and eat nuts.
  5. Buy two hammocks: one for the garden and one for (inside your) house.
  6. Every so often when you're out walking, put some change in a parking metre that's nearly empty.
  7. Think about how you want to live on in the memories of family and friends. Try to find ways to live up to that image.
  8. Let the phone ring a couple of times before answering.
  9. Dance in the elevator when you're alone.
  10. Don't be fanatic about anything.
My version of #9 in the elevator is this --->


  1. I like that list! I'm not a fan of elevators either.

  2. Hey Ivan! Long time no comment on here. Just wanted to say that was a great picture. I need to post things like that. I just got back from my vacation in Manila, so i'm now able to catch up on blogs.

  3. Ken, oh thanks for dropping by. Well, how was your vacation. Hope you have a great time. :)

  4. ang cute ng pic mo :D about the elevator thingy e ginagawa ko yun :D

  5. jary, thanks. Hehehe. I make faces when I'm alone in the elevator.


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