Thursday, February 16, 2006

Not A Freebie Anymore

Dear Me,

I was reading the technews and came across this article. I'm a very active user of
Yahoo and I really like its features, better than Gmail. But I guess, there will always be a trade-off. Who knows? Gmail will be grand someday.
Yahoo and AOL to Charge for Emails
Yahoo and AOL is reportedly implementing a new system that will charge its users for using their email service. The decision is to carve out spams, scams and other unwanted emails. Non-paying senders will still be accepted but paying users will be given first priority. Analysts are quick to say that the decision might disappoint current users of Yahoo and AOL. Once users failed to receive their emails, there is a big possibility that users will transfer to other free web-based email like Gmail.


  1. i dont know how true that rumor is sis.. pero sana ay rumor nga lang.. nga pala, sayang, di ka nakapunta kagabi, inapi ako nung 2, huhuhu.. wala akong kakampi :(

  2. jary, sana nga. :) Naku, sensya na at di ako nakapunta. Late na rin ako nakauwi eh.


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