Tuesday, March 7, 2006

100 Things To Do In 2006

Dear Me,

I was reading through the archives of
Manila Bulletin when I bumped into this article way back January of this year. I'm into accomplishing things lately and this list is just a fun way to challenge myself.

I skimmed through the list and found that some tasks are inapplicable or may never come to the point of realization. But just the same, I wanna try this out.

Are you tired of doing the same old activities and gimmicks year in and year out? Why not try Youth and Campus Bulletin's checklist of fun things to do this 2006 and change your everyday life!

1. Learn CPR.

2. Tell someone the fascinating story of your life and spare no details.

3. Create your own wish board. Clip pictures of the good things you want to manifest in your life and visualize them all coming true.

4. Free your inner Shakespeare. Express your passionate emotions to friends and family.

5. Try mental telepathy on your dog or cat.

6. Learn to deliver a clean joke to your friends with style.

7. Fall deeply in love — deeply and unconditionally.

8. Learn not to say yes when you mean no.

9. Swim with a dolphin.

10. Send a message in a bottle.

11. Go sailing on a yacht.

12. Be an extra in a film.

13. Be a backpack tourist and visit all your dream destinations.

14. Stay all night dancing and go to school the next day without having gone home. Just this once.

15. Make a bag out of your old frayed out jeans.

16. Make your fearless forecast. Write down the names of 5 friends you know who’ll go down in history for their brilliance and genius.

17. Be a vegetarian for a day.

18. Feed your piggybank.

19. Start saving for your dream car.

20. Make your own calling cards and tags.

21. Create your own urban legend.

22. Clean and decorate your locker.

23. Head your own book club.

24. Know your own fortune. Read up on palmistry, astrology, tarot cards and runes.

25. Get a top to toe fashion make-over from a professional.

26. Do a Julie Andrews. Sing as loudly as you can on top of a hill or a mountain.

27. Spend a night in a haunted house with you and your best friend.

28. Forgive everyone who has ever made you feel bad starting at age 3.

29. Sleep under the stars.

30. Learn sign language.

31. Grow your own vegetable garden.

32. Watch a sporting event on front row seats.

33. Go up on a hot air balloon.

34. Spend 3 months getting your body in tip top shape.

35. Write your own songs.

36. Sing in a band.

37. Start jotting down your thoughts and feelings on a journal.

38. Analyze your best friend's handwriting through graphology.

39. Eat fruits in the color wheel. Red for apples, orange for mandarins, yellow for bananas, etc.

40. Start a fanzine. (A magazine that celebrates your favorite actor, singer or artist.)

41. Write down 365 things you love about your life today.

42. Clean out the clutter in your room once and for all.

43. Start a rock collection.

44. Go swimming every time you feel depressed.

45. Burn incense sticks inside your bedroom and chant, "Ohm." Be at peace.

46. Collect as many snapshots as you can of you and your friends.

47. Learn to make your own stuff instead of buying them at the mall.

48. Adopt pets.

49. Create your own headdress. Be a king or queen of the day.

50. Act like a hippie for a day.

51. Imagine you are famous.

52. Learn some new ultra-hip dance moves.

53. Name each and every one of your favorite snacks.

54. Design your own coat-of-arms.

55. Create snazzy street art. Get colored chalk and draw away!

56. Create a secret speak code with your best buddy.

57. Set a daydreaming altar. Fill it with your favorite books, magazines and schoolbooks.

58. Create your own jewelry.

59. Design your room according to feng shui principles.

60. Play your favorite street games. Tumbang-preso, agawan-base, patintero. The possibilities are endless.

61. Be a superhero for a day.

62. Teach someone younger than you something you know.

63. Play board games.

64. Invent something.

65. Play poker with your friends.

66. Sign up for martial arts classes.

67. Learn to massage your own feet.

68. Research your family tree.

69. Throw a slumber party.

70. Recycle.

71. Invent far out and silly nicknames for friends.

72. Blog to your heart's content.

73. Attend outdoor concerts.

74. Listen to your favorite feel-good music everyday.

75. Make doggy and kitten clothes out of your old T-shirts.

76. Do jumping jacks. See how many you can complete in 1 minute.

77. Try carrot juice once.

78. Write a love letter to your crush. Put it under your pillow and daydream away.

79. Whirl around with a hoola hoop.

80. Don dreadlocks for two days.

81. Get fake glasses and adopt the nerdy look.

82. Attempt to talk in song lyrics all day.

83. Make your own stationery.

84. Write a skit for puppets.

85. Make a rock star shirt to match your rock star attitude.

86. Declare a Spookfest. Watch all the scary flicks you’ve been wanting to watch while screaming to your heart's content.

87. Read up on other people's cultural traditions and habits.

88. Request for your favorite song on the radio.

89. Fly a kite.

90. Have a garage sale.

91. Recite your own poetry in a café.

92. Make your own pizza spices and flavorings.

93. Play one funny but harmless prank on a friend.

94. Tutor someone in your best subject.

95. Create your own hieroglyphics.

96. Do string painting.

97. Make friends with people from a different generation.

98. Spend five days focusing on your five senses.

99. Do stand up comedy.

100. Give a guided tour to a foreigner.

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