Tuesday, March 7, 2006

What I Really Want For My Birthday

Dear Me,

I woke up with a jolt one fine morning. I remembered my birthday. Yeah, I know. My birthday is still three months away. I'm turning 28. Two more years and I am 30.

What do I really want for my birthday? I am not really expecting anything to happen. I attend other people's birthday celebration but I don't want anyone to remind me about mine (is my sentence grammatically challenged?) I was thinking of organizing a small get-together with a few, good people in my life. But then, I rather not. Maybe when I'm 30. Why the change of mind? I still have a lot of things to prioritize, obligations to fulfill. Sounds like an excuse to me.

I am not really the type of person who loves to celebrate her special day by having parties. I didn't grow up that way and besides, I wasn't the same person then. Ask around the neighborhood. Oops, wrong referral. I know that they still view me as that bitchy kid. The difference was that they would tell anyone that I grew up like a normal-looking human being. You should have seen me as a kid. I looked hideously ugly.

Tracking back what I was trying to type here, I am torn between celebrating it with a mini-reunion with old and new friends alike. The chosen ones. Or maybe just receive gifts. All gifts should come either in the form of BOOKS or BAGS. Nothing else.

But most of all, I'd rather hear from them and let them know that they still linger in my thoughts.

When I turn 30, I really want a small party.

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