Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Business Strats & Their Freebies

Dear Me,

I think I really have enough of these companies who calls me and tell me that I won something. Sheesh.

When I join contests or write my particulars in a certain piece of paper, I make sure that I am aware what I am participating into.

Not that I didn't want to win or something but when I asked them how I won and when I joined, they would claim that they picked up my name from a raffle draw or somebody referred me and that was how they reached me.

In this world where everything is so hard to acquire, surely anyone will welcome such freebies. What I really hate is they deceive people or put some masquerade on.

The first time I experienced this was when I got a call that I won a 3-days & 2-nights hotel accommodations for two in Cebu. My first reaction was: "Really?" I asked a lot of things and I got contented. All I had to do was go there and watch this 90-minute video presentation. It was kinda long but what the heck. So, I got there and had someone tag along with me. Actually, it was a waste of time on my part. To think that I gave up a schedule just to attend to this thing. When we got there, we were ushered to a certain room filled with table and chairs and occupied by these men and women in suits and talking to people like us. Oh, you should have heard them all talk. Their mouths were like armalites; instead of bullets, there were firing words. Nonstop.

At the entrance of the room, I stopped and had this vision, a realization of what I was getting into. Literally. I made a bet with myself that this scenario was like that of a mall drifter ambushed by agents from Family First. Bingo. I was right. I had nothing against these people who were just plainly earning their keep. I told this guy what I had in mind. I told him that I didn't like to claim my free accommodations anymore because we would be wasting both our precious time. I had nothing against Family First but I wasn't really into that stuff. He was yet not ready to let go of us and still wanting to know why we wouldn't want the freebies anymore. I told him that I felt deceived that while I had been asking the person I was talking to over the phone that morning, I specifically asked her if everything was related to traveling. That was the only thing I had in mind.

So, I didn't get my freebies though they had been calling me every month.

A few weeks back, I received another call. This time from Prudential Life. I won this life insurance and that I need to claim it ASAP. Hmm. I asked the lady over the phone how I won because I had no idea of whatsoever how my name ended up in their tambiolo. Well, she said that they were celebrating their anniversary and in time was a program for referrals. Somebody who knew me referred me and that was how my name got in to their magic tambiolo. I also asked her how much money should I shell out to get this. She said that it is for free for life and that I only need to pay annual dues. Did you see the irony there? Hehehe. I wasn't interested and besides I didn't even know who referred me. That's scary. Ok, I was thinking something evil here. It's a life insurance for Pete's sake. Oh, go figure.

Just last week, I was into another winning streak again. Yeah, hotel accommodations again. Well, I didn't entertain the call anymore. Hehehe.

Things like this, I'd rather hear the truth that be deceived. I have gray cells that never stops working. Better to hear that I won those freebies because this person referred me to Family First, Prudential Life, etc. Maybe, I'll give it a shot.


  1. I've been to one of those travel things but they did make it clear over the phone that there would be a marketing presentation and that although I was not required to buy anything, they would do everything to make me do just that. So I can't claim deception there. Guess what, I bought the package. I'm pretty happy with it. My wife and I travel a lot and so far the service has saved me about 300k last year alone. But I have to agree, they should be transparent and upfront. You did the right thing.

  2. adam mordo, good for you. They let me assumed that I got the freebie through winning something. But it was a deception mainly because upon arrival for claiming, they want us to watch this ideo presentation. Hmp.


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