Friday, March 31, 2006

Summer Dilemma

Dear Me,

A thought just occurred to me. I won't be able to enjoy a perfect summer at the beach. I won't be able don this cute swimwear I've been eyeing at a boutique shop at Glorietta. I'll be lucky if I even get to wear swim shorts.

A recent trek to the mountains with a traverse down to a private beach brought this upon me. Those teeny-weeny insects bit me like there was no tomorrow. Their bites were so itchy I couldn't control myself from scratching.

I took this
hydroxyzine as a medication against itchiness. The lady at the drugstore counter said that taking it would make me drowsy. Goodness. She never said that I would be sleeping for more than 24 hours. I hate taking meds but I took this one to relieve myself. Papi said that taking the meds would prevent me from scratching. Yeah. It was because I would be totally asleep to think and feel about scratching the itches.

No more itches. But tell you what? That drug didn't work for me. It did with Papi though. I got spotty marks down my legs. Fortunately, those in my arms are almost gone.

I just hope the rest will be gone before summer slips away. Can anyone recommend any medication (external use) to make the marks disappear?

Summer is just the perfect season to bum around, relax and have fun under the sun. =)


  1. you could take levocetirizine (Xyzal) 5 mg/tab. Just take one tab daily. It is less sedating than hydroxyzine. And for your insect bites, you could apply fenistil gel 3x a day. by the way, I'm a doctor :-)

  2. tess! Just wanna know if that fenistil gel will remove the marks? =) Thanks.


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