Saturday, March 25, 2006


Dear Me,

Today is Saturday. I woke up 45 minutes ago. I washed my face, brushed my teeth, let the dog out in the sunlight, swept the floor, removed the edible stuff from the fridge and fixed myself a cup of decaf coffee. Yeah, decaf. It's my mom's type of coffee. We ran out of the strong coffee type.

Right now, I prefer that STRONG coffee from
San Miguel (they have variations of mild, original & strong); just the way I like it. :)

While sipping my coffee, I turned on my pc to do the following: check my youngest brother's official inbox (he asked me to since he doesn't have time), checked my Gmail account, browsed my blog & my Friendster account, surfed BE, opened my 2 Yahoo accounts, gave out replies to important messages.

Right now, I am having a say-hullo-keep-in-touch-chat with my old YM buddies. I'm doing it one-by-one since I'm done with the chatting experience. It's something like leaving them a note to let them know that I still remember them. Aside from chatting, I am logged in to my blogger account and cursing those spammers for getting in to my comments' section. I modified again the settings and started deleting their posts. Hmp.

Papi was the one who woke me up. He was calling thru my mobile phone and I was still comfortably lounging in the sofa, sleeping. By the way, his dad is in town. He just arrived yesterday from Cebu. Papi invited him here in Manila so they could spend time together. You know, father-and-son bonding moments. :) He wanted me to join them to Tagaytay today. As much as I wanted to come, I won't and I can't. It's their time together and I don't want to get in the way. Besides, I have to take care of the house (everyone's out - just me and my dog alone) plus tomorrow, me and my siblings are heading to Cavite early in the morning to spend time with our parents. We will be re-celebrating my youngest brother's birthday together with our father (we celebrated it last Thursday without him. In attendance were my mom, sis, bro's gf, me and Dex). Also, papi and his dad will be heading off to Corregidor for an overnight.

Anyway, I'm planning to accomplish to major household chores today: doing the laundry (clothes, sofa cases & bed sheets) and tidying up my super-messy room. I'm planning to start by 4pm, when the weather isn't that hot anymore. You bet that I'm gonna finish by early dawn. I prefer it that way. :)

Meantime, let me blog. :)

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