Friday, March 24, 2006

Jollibee & Greenwich

Dear Me,

Early part of this year,
Jollibee has secured 100% ownership of Greenwich having bought the remaining 20% from GW's partner, Green Foods Franchising, Inc.

Jollibee has also acquired Deli France and just last year, the
Red Ribbon Bakeshop.

It's obvious that our very own & largest fast-food chain is maximizing its hold in the fast-food industry by buying out new players & acquiring stakes in established food enterprises.

Well, it's the name of the game.


  1. my boyfriend is the chow king guy! chow king, was i heard, also bought by jollibee! i had a chance to have a lot of of these fast food when i was in manila. yummy!

  2. no milk, you mean that cute guy sa Chowking? Bf mo yun? Hehehe. Crush ko yun kasi natutuwa ako sa face nya. Exuding with this light disposition about everything..:) Crush lang yun ha. :) No offense. :)

    You're right. Chowking is also one of their acquisitions. :)

  3. e yun daw delicafrance ba yun?

  4. jary, delifrance po. acquired na din nila yun. =)


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