Monday, March 20, 2006

What I Am Doing Right Now

Dear Me,

Currently, I am at the office and when I am obviously here and being lax, that means I don't have any projects tumbling one after the other. But guess what? I am busy. *winks*
  • I am reading through tons of digests of global and domestic trade and industry. I am sort of prepping myself for this job-related exam this week. Honestly, I do not have any idea what the exam is all about. Maybe those so-called entrance/application exams those companies require just for formality's sake. I am making the effort of reviewing and studying now to lessen the pressure.

  • I am browsing through summer promo packages from Island Cove. I am planning to bring my folks and my siblings there next month. I have been wanting this elusive family get-away since last year. I want my father to join us and since he lives now in Cavite, the nearest escape would be the Cove. I emailed the Cavite Sales Office but their inbox is already full. I resorted to emailing their Makati Sales Office and hopefully, I would be able to get a feedback soon.

  • For credits, I am surfing BE. When I am busy but not-that-kind-of-busy type (when I have projects), this surfing thing is becoming a part of my internet routine.

  • I am updating my planner, too. For once, I am rabidly jotting down schedules that excludes work. This thing only happens when the summer and holiday months commence.

  • I am also exchanging emails with 2 people right now. Basically, they are my prospects - people who will fill up the 2 recommendation forms required for my admission in graduate school.

  • Hmm. What else? I am checking, reading, replying, deleting messages from my 2 personal inboxes. Sometimes, I forward worthwhile messages to concerned recipients.

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