Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Unveiling: Pieces from Bliss

Dear Me,

Allow me to post this claim of achievement courtesy of my university lecturer, Ms. Libay Nolasco. Read on...

Don't miss out on the fun! Come to the unveiling of women poets and essayists on March 18 (7 pm Bistro 70s, Anonas St.), March 24 (7 pm Conspiracy, Mindanao Ave.), March 31 (7 pm Runes, Tomas Morato St.).

Unveiling: Pieces from Bliss launches the anthology of poetry, essays and reflections of 24 women from Women in Bliss Writers' Circle.

What does this motley group of women have in common? We all came together and participated in the recent Aida F. Santos Writing Workshops. In the workshops, we shared our lives, loves, pains, dreams and fears. We found strength with one another and bliss in our bonds of friendship.

"Unveiling" features the works of the following women poets, essayists and artists:

Macel Aguilar * Alpha Gracias Allanigue * Trisha Andres * Aleli Bawagan * Erlyn Caliñgo * Irene Daguno * Geiah Homeres * Germaine Leonin * Ayel Leyesa * Rebecca Desiree E. Lozada * Danicar Mariano * Aimee Mendoza * Amparo Miciano * Lizel Mones * Liberty Nolasco * Clara Rita Padilla * Lilian Pimentel * Luz Lopez * Sam Sumaray * Frances Santiago * Sandra Torrijos * Angie Umbac * Riza Faith Ybañez

Come celebrate with us and listen to our works of candor, passion and honesty.

Unveiling: Pieces of Bliss - price is at P150. For orders, please contact Macel Aguilar at 0917-5328455 or email at


  1. kakainggit naman yan :( sana pag-uwi ko me ganyan ulet para maka-attend ... imbitado ba jan kahit sino? ..uhhmmn u know macel aguilar? tagasaan kaya sya? :) wala lang ask ko lang ...

  2. melai, yup. Anyone can attend. I don't know Macel but one of the member of the group is my former university lecturer and now, my friend.

    Libay and I met last night and I got a copy of their Unveiling book. I love it. =)

  3. ic that the title of the book? try to have one pag nakauwi ako :) nagustuhan mo e ..siguro maganda nga :)

  4. melai, yes it is. I'm not sure they will still have stocks by the time bumalik ka. Btw, nasaan ka nga ba? Hehehe. Baka naman kasi nanjan ka lang sa tabi-tabi ng Pinas. =)

  5. melai, tabi-tabi din pero labas pala ng Pinas...hehehe. Kelan ka babalik?

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