Thursday, April 13, 2006

Blog Changes, 9th BE Renter

Dear Me,

I've got nothing to do lately and going to the office was a waste because I have no projects. Translation: nothing to do. I have my blog so... =)

1. Usually, I change blogskin when it bores me but I'm planning to stick with this one. The only thing I can do is tinker my blog with the colors I like. So from lite green, I switched to pink.

2. I also updated my links and improved it with a little help through html. :)

3. Addition: My Travelling Feet. I am meaning to realize this places to visit (close proximity to Manila) within this year. Sort of a list (located at the left sidebar).

4. I also got this new talkboard from cbox. Tagboard is giving tons of pop-ups and I am not even aware of it. Hmp. I'm trying cbox and then later on, remove tagboard.

5. I have a new BE renter and her name is Jamie, blogging at The Princess Chronicles. She is Pinay and she has a cute friendster blog which I like. Check her out and find interesting tales about her life everyday. Click that cute little box at the right sidebar. Tell her I sent you. :)

6. Updated BE INSPIRED lines. THOUGHTS to ponder. Right sidebar, please. Usually update this weekly, at the most 2 weeks. :)

7. Photos? Who doesn't love to keep their photos on/about everything? Here's mine.

8. Line-up for updates: Books, music (uploading also in multiply), movies/tv, etc.

9. Sorry if I got loads of links here. This is my link library - personal and work purposes. If it bothers you, I simply don't care.


  1. Meron ka na bang

  2. john, wala eh. I decided not to get one. :)

  3. Hei... passing by to greet you happy easter...

  4. If you're looking for travel tips all around the Philippines, check out And if you're looking for something further down South, check out Travel while you can!

  5. al bjornstad, ow thank you. :) hope you have a grand one, too.

    dominique, i really appreciate the info. :) i have already seen ivan henares' blog and it's a great travel blog. :)

  6. I would just like to correct that Jamie whos's blogging at The Princess Chronicles is actually my 10th BE renter, not the 9th as posted. ;)


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