Thursday, April 13, 2006


Dear Me,

I'm neither an angel nor a saint. I'm don't even find myself nice.

I proudly admit that I am outspoken, bitchy, even evil at times. So forgive me for this post.

There are some people I sometimes don't like; and there are some, too, that I really don't like at all. Now, I even have some people I am beginning not to like.

I know I'm being negative.

Ateng: This guy really brings out the worst of me everytime we meet. Forgive the language but the asshole really loves to act like somebody's damn boss. I don't need nor will I take a crap from him. I have for many times hold on to the thinnest thread of anger from escaping me. For a man, he talks loud and I mean literally, loud. More often than not, he offends people with his tone. With that irritating loud voice, he speaks like some omnipotent from outer space. Because I am aware of my bounds, I have often controlled myself from giving him a taste of his own medicine. Believe me, I am very up to the challenge with this loudmouth.

Swarding: This person is very kind in general. But there are times that he really sucks big time. When he is not in his mood, I usually take the brunt of his bad day. He is good but when it comes to one particular thing, I get infuriated. I wonder if he is gay (everybody does). I would rather have him flaunt it than hide it. It is so unbecoming sometimes. I wish he would stop from speaking the native language combined with the baroque English. Blah. Sorry, I can't give out further details. It's related to work.

Ms. Excuses: Why do some people refrain from doing what they are supposed to do? Ha? My golay. The minor things she is supposed to accomplish are nowhere in the bin. Goodness gracious. She even has the gall to make excuses. *frowns* As far as I know, when one wants something and one benefits from it, the tendency is to show that you work for it to get it. But with her, it is not the case. It appears like it is our utang na loob to give it to her/them.

Abusada: We had good times together. Actually, we still do. When we are doing something and she is involved in it, she tends to outstep her limitations. I think she forgets or plainly trying to position herself. She is supposed to get paid for the one thing she does best and that means other concerns are way out of her jurisdictions. She doesn't have the right to overstep me with what I do or what I decide. It's my call, not hers. I really hate it when people mix friendship with professionalism.

Manipuladang Tamad: Hahaha. Yep. She pretends to be busy alright. Bad thing is, I really cannot think what she really does everyday. The things she is supposed to do are left undone or completely forgotten. She is also manipulative. I have been around the place for the longest time and I know the ways around here. There are people holding a much higher position than hers but she is using their length of years of stay as her bastion of manipulation. Fine. I am guilty of something and she knew it by accident. Thinking about it, I don't regret the fact that she discovered it. It was for everybody's good and she took no action about it. It just pains everyone how can she be like that. I admit I hurt her feelings but the truth always hurts, doesn't it? This morning, I just realized something. I am beginning to dislike seeing her face. She looks angelic and I feel bad seeing her face. I just hope that this is just my feeling at the moment.

See? Ain't I so bad? I probably don't have the right to write this but I just can't help feeling the way I do. Imagine spending an entire day with all these people.

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