Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Delete URL

Dear Me,

I was reading some papers from nowhere and I came across some techie stuff. For a non-techie like me, learning a simple, relevant process is simply a joy. It's not big stuff but proves to be 'handy'.

To delete previously visited websites in the address bar in the Internet Explorer:

Click Start and hit Run.
Type Regedit in the Run dialog box.
In the Registry Editor, click HKEY_CURRENT_USER
then Software > Microsoft >
Internet Explorer > Typed URLs
then delete the URLs.
Close the browser and re-launched it.

I tried doing this and it worked. Now, I know. Hehehe. I remembered an old experience while I was still a part-time staff in the med school. I used this computer to do my work but somehow the lure of the internet was too much to be ignored. I was having a fun time browsing sites and one of the bosses came back early. Goodness. I could still feel the anxiety and jitters of being caught in the act. Hahaha. I even asked my partner how could I removed the website I had browsed to prevent myself from being castigated. Unfortunately, she had no idea how. Fortunately for me, I was never caught. :)


  1. There's actually an easier and safer way to delete your previous address. Right click your internet explorer, select properties, then on the bottom, under the "history" section, click on "Clear History". It's safer to do this since altering the registry can sometimes lead to disaster. Yeah, i'm a techie. But you already knew that. :)

  2. ...or inside IE: click Tools-Internet Options-Clear History. :-)

  3. ken & johnheart, what I mean by deleting URL is not the entire URL. That will be too obvious from prying eyes. :) I mean, just one or two particular URLs. :) You can choose to delete one.

    And I know the clear history process though. ;)

  4. whoops. I feel like a boob. Sorry. Must have read it wrong. :)

  5. hahaha, Ken! It's alright. I wasn't clear enough. Hehehe.

  6. Course if you were clever (And we all know you are :) you would go here and start using their browser ( it's free too ) as this one cleans the whole lot out for ya automatically the best thing I ever used :)

  7. lol this is my third post here and I just figured out how to put a name to my posts....arghhh!!!

    oh and ty for your nice reply re the 100 things about ya :)

  8. anonymous and no5, are you guys one and the same? hehehe. Anyway, I have to be discreet when I remove a site. If I erase the entire list of URLs i visited, that would rouse suspicion. =)

    btw, you guys have blogs?

  9. anonymous and no5, are you guys one and the same?

    Yep :)Told ya you were clever.

  10. Opps!!

    btw, you guys have blogs?

    Nope ...If I did then I would have no time to enjoy reading yours :)

  11. no5, you know what you are really funny? come on, tell me who you are? *winks*

    okay, tell me 2 things:
    1 - Are you Filipino?
    2 - Do we know each other in person?

    please, please? that's the least you can do. =)

  12. 1 - Nope...but at the risk of giving away toooo much information, one
    of your lot is arriving back from your country in about two hours.
    Of course I have been very busy scrubbing everything in sight spotless
    around the house....(umm does that make me a scrubber?)..course she
    will find something I missed....arghhh!

    2 - Nope again...however on your travels when you eventually come to
    New Zealand ( lol bet that surprised ya? :)I'm sure we will meet I look
    forward to it :)

    BTW I hope you mean funny ha ha not funny weired?

  13. no5, okay I got it. :) better scrub everything as in spotless or else...hehehe :)

    NZ? hmm. I wonder how long will it take me to travel there? The only probability will be if I pursue applying for further studies. Though I am not that hopeful anymore. :) But sure, if ever luck comes my way, I'll hunt you to give me a tour of NZ. :)

    oh, you ARE FUNNY, not the weird type, honest. =)


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