Thursday, April 20, 2006

Watching Marathon

Dear Me,

I was supposed to indulge myself in 2 day treks during the holy week. Unfortunately, the comforts of soft fabric, the lure of heavenly slumber undermine my inner convictions. :) And so, I stayed at home.

Aside from doing the necessary chores, I engaged in a watching marathon of some sort. While my sister and brother watched lengthy episodes of 7th Heaven in Studio 23, I indulged myself watching these:

Goal: The Dream Begins: When you dream, dream big. Aspire for greatness and act on it. Santiago Munez (Kunio Becker) proved how it is to pursue one's dreams. This is a movie with a heart.

I don't know why but I perceived that the Mexicans are like the Pinoy peepz. Same as us, they believe and practice what it is to be a close-knit family, being God-fearing people and pursuing our passions in life.

Desperate Housewives Season 1:
I am beginning to like this one. It's getting interesting episode by episode.

I always love watching movies about dogs. Dogs have this kind of charm that's quite hard to resist. Since time immemorial, these four-legged beings have been considered as man's loyal friend.

Rent: I didn't expect this one to be boring.

few episodes of 24: I can't wait for the succeeding episodes. Can you believe that it's President Logan who's behind the grand terrorist scheme being played in his own territory? Can you also believe that he isn't dumb at all? It's up to Jack Bauer to figure that out.

few episodes of CSI New York: Oh, yes. CSI New York now comes in second for me, after CSI Miami. Before, I did not prefer to watch CSI NY because I am having a hard time liking the play of colors. I think it's called 'tinting' the film stock to achieve a desired mood in cinematic terms. CSI NY was previously tinted blue to elicit moods of sheer seriousness and professionalism. For me, the episodes were dark and boring despite the interesting episodes. Well, those were all changed now. Gone are the all-blues from the color of their attires to the film tint, their standard blue professional suits, etc. I really like it. :)


  1. You rented space at another person's blog. I saw pink and I clicked. You haven't let me down!

    You have a fun, enlightful journal. I am adding you to my favorites.


  2. brandi, thank you very much. It was very nice of you. =)


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