Tuesday, April 4, 2006


Dear Me,

When I am bored or tired of doing the usual stuff, going to the usual places, I can think of many ways to enliven myself and most of the time, I drag someone with me.

It was almost Sunday dusk when I found myself craving for hopia. So, where to find the best hopia in town? There's only one place in Manila where you can be assured of having the finest-tasting hopia. Correct. It's in
Eng Bee Tin Chinese Deli.

Together with Papi, we took the long way there. From our place, we headed to the LRT station and boarded off to Carriedo Station. We walked our way through the long-winding street of Ongpin. There were so many stalls, shops & stores selling various merchandise (mostly jewelries) and a whole bunch of Chinese restaurants. It was like having a walking tour in one of the busy streets in downtown Manila.

And one block away from reaching a familiar landmark for me (I used to pass by this area during my commuting days in college) - intersection of Binondo Church, I got excited and went to a full feet-stop. We were standing in front of this famous Chinese Deli. I got so excited and almost left Papi outside. Hehehe.

My goodness. I couldn't think of anything but hopia. There were so many varieties that I ended up touching each of them. I prevented taking more than I could buy for fear that the Chinese woman at the counter would shout at me. Hehehe. I am always scared of old Chinese women.

Since I just had a couple of hundreds with me, I just bought a few packs of each.

After paying at the counter, we decided to have dinner since it was almost seven in the evening. I think we dined at
Chuan Kee Restaurant, which was just a few steps away from the hopia shop. I'm not sure how that resto (their food is very yummy) is connected with Eng Bee Tin but they have the same color motiff. It is my favorite color. Also, the resto is selling Eng Bee Tin products at the other corner of the dining area.

I wished we had more time exploring that area. There were so many things to see. I would also like to ride a calesa.

But one thing is for sure, I will be coming back and bring back photos with me. =)


  1. buti na lang, nde pa ako old :D

  2. jary, sowee. Chinese ka nga pala. Di ka naman siguro magiging mukhang supalda pag tanda mo no? hehehe.

  3. they have the best ube hopia!

    love their tikoy rolls too :D

  4. Tikoy rolls? I better check that out. :)


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