Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Pizza Hut Birthday, Family Day

Dear Me,

We celebrated my youngest brother's special day by ordering
Pizza Hut stuff for delivery at the house. I invited them to celebrate it by dining in a nice restaurant outside but everyone was too lazy to move. So, as my mother suggested, call 911-11-11.

We only ordered a family sized Bacon Supreme pizza, another family sized pizza but that of Hawaiian (my mom prefers to have this one), 2 orders of pasta (spaghetti), 2 orders of garlic batard and a 1.5L of Pepsi.

I thought it was Mamu who was going to pay. Hehehe. Well, she checked and got the orders from the delivery guy but left me with the receipt in my hand. That was clever, Mamu. Anyway, I was just too glad to make Jepoy's birthday felt. You know, make that day known to be his special day by celebrating together. It was just unfortunate that dear Papa was not with us in our house here in the Metro.

Some photos during the Pizza Hut Day:

Since Papa was not around that time, we decided to visit him at our small house (still being constructed and renovated) in Cavite. The place looked worse than before. The other side of the house was being polished so all the stuff there had to be moved to the other end, making the remaining area very cramped. I wonder how Papa can live there.

Anyway, it was fun to see Papa. Mamu (who already went 2 days ahead of us) had prepared (of course, with Papa's help. Hehehe. Papa is the BETTER cook than Mamu) kaldereta and adobo for us.

It was such a nice banter among all of us: Mamu, Papa, sister, brother, brother's gf and me. We chatted about everything: movies, work, etc.

I noticed something about my folks. They have grown very much older. Gone are the black hair and the signs of old age have already befallen them. But one thing I could see in those faces that day was happiness and pride that all of their children had finished school and working on their own lives.

See those smiles in my parents’ faces? It has been a long time since we have a complete family photo:


  1. ang ganda! happy family! :D

  2. jary, hahaha. Didn't know you are blogsurfing. Hehehe.

    By the way, thanks. :)

  3. hey, it's the first time i saw your family. wazzup? may utang kang EB kay kerwin, hala ka!

  4. jon, I just thought of posting it. Makes me smile. :) We rarely spend time together.

    oist, ikaw mag-resched nung kay kerwin. Nahihiya nga ko eh.

    sige na, naiintriga ko sa mga pinaggagawa nya ngayon. *evilgrins*

  5. hi! thanks for dropping by my blog... you've got an interesting blog yourself! Great pics...


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