Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Random Stuff

Dear Me,

I just received my 15th month payslip this morning. It's almost 1K5 less. Hmm. I took 4-days sick leave and I was unable to submit a medical certificate. Since I couldn't get one nor interested to acquire one, I told the office that they could just deduct my sick leaves from my salary if non-submission of a medcert would be such as great problem. I guessed they did. Hmp.


I'm not a Catholic and the religious sect I belong to does not observe holy week. I am still trying to figure out where to spend the 4-days vacation.
  • Baguio
  • Sagada
  • Vigan
  • Puerto Galera

    I have a number of concerns not to choose from any of these destinations:
  • too many people
  • difficulty in acquiring transportation and accommodations
  • budget constraint,
  • leaving the house, etc.

    Actually, those concerns are not really such a big deal if only I will not take into consideration my plans and activities slated after the holy week. I have too much in my mind at the moment.

    While I was on my way to the office this morning, I have been thinking how to spend the weekend. Hmm. I just don't think I will stay at the house the entire time and sulk. Although, reading the pile of books in my room + doing household chores + having a movie (dvd/vcd) marathon + blogging can be a very good alternative. Still, my travelling feet are itching to go some place else.

    A thought came to mind and I sent a text to papi. I asked him if it's okay not to go to Baguio but instead have 2 day treks at Mt. Manabu and Mt. Maculot or Batulao or any other mountain that can be trekked for a day only.

    That way, I can spend 2 days at home and another 2 days at the mountain.


    What have I been doing these past 2 weeks?
    Three actually.
  • Consolidating all digital photos in my pc
  • uploading some in my Multiply site
  • writing snail mail and postcards.

    I'm just having fun seeing a lot of photos. It makes me smile to see the old and new people in my life, the adventures. After consolidating them by year, I am planning to save them in CDs (papi suggested dvds). I will also make a compilation of office photos which I promised to give copies to some people from the office. I also intend to have those memorable digi-photos developed. I have read some photo suggestions from Jim Paredes and I believe he is right. You never know when those digi-photos will give you great regrets. You never know when those CDs/DVDs which you have used to keep your priceless memories will crack someday. Better get a hard print and store them in colorful photo albums. :)

    Summer is also the season that gives me the passion to write snail mails and send postcards to friends and relatives all over the world. Ow, because I am spared from the hectic life I have at work which is during the months after and before the summer season.

    I want to let them know I am still alive and that once in a while, thoughts of them linger in my mind. I, myself, get exhilarated whenever I receive something from the post. Isn't it a joy knowing that there is someone out there who remembers you and never forgets?

    It's called keeping in touch. ;)
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