Saturday, April 8, 2006

Summer Reggae

Dear Me,

I am hooked with this new reggae group. I chanced upon them while spending the weekend with papi at the Robinson's Galleria Mall.

Summer is in and reggae beats high up with you. Experience their tropical beats and tunes. Welcome this new high-flying reggae band in local music scene, the
Hemp Republic.

Quoted from Manila Standard: The band released their first full-length album, Welcome to Hemp Republic in April of 2005. It contained ten tracks of positive music—a welcome relief from the tiresome, pseudo-emotional releases of the time. The music video of their first single, "Sabihin Mo," was released in September of 2005, followed by "Fireflies" in January of 2006.

The line-up now consists of Tonton, Bunny, Mags, Alfred, Glober, Caio (who took charge of the drums), Eggy Mallari (bass guitar) and Jeck Ceñidoza (trombone).

I have uploaded some of my favorite tracks in that album in My Music at Multiply.

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