Sunday, April 23, 2006

Wanted: Pinoy Diver

Dear Everyone,

I got this from my inbox. If you guys are into diving or you have friends who are totally in it, please contact Ms. Melrose. :)

From: "EDA Admin"
To: ivan_manalansan@______
Subject: wanted: a filipino diver
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2006 08:49:13 +0400


i got your email address from your old email
(regarding a dive expo) in my inbox while i
was still subscribed to mfpi.

i used to be a mountaineer back in the philippines
but i am now here in dubai, currently working in
emirates diving association, the umbrella organization
of all dive centers/retailers in the UAE.

i am not sure if my friends from my mountaineering group
posted my email in the mfpi yahoo groups about the need
of a dive center here for a filipino diver.

anyway, i am writing you if you can help me spread this
message to the diving community.

the dive center needs the diver to be, at least,
a dive master and has boat-driving skills.
the dive center is willing to pay for the
diver's ticket and visa.

pls. ask those interested to email me their CVs and
diving certificates so i can forward it to the dive center.

by the way, this is not part of my job but i'm doing
this as a filipino who wants to help a fellow filipino.

thank you.

best regards,

Melrose A. Valencia
Admin Assistant
Emirates Diving Association

Tel #: +971 4 3939390
Fax # : +971 4 3939391


  1. can they shoulder training expenses too? gusto ko matuto magdive :D

  2. jary, dapat marunong ng mag-dive kung apply ka jan. They're sort of looking for a pro eh. =)


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