Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Entire Week

Dear Me,

Our plane from Cebu touched down at the Manila airport early morning yesterday. My two siblings reported for office as planned while I didn't as expected. I recapped everything that happened for the past few days and now, I am facing reality. Vacation is over and next month will be the beginning of another roller-coaster year at work. I still have a few more days to bum around here at the office.

Anyway, I have a number of things to do this week. I think it's better for me to list it down so I can keep track of it. I am not actually a lover of make-a-list-of-thing-to-do but I guess I am turning into one, especially if most of the things listed are being crossed out one by one. Ask anyone who does this and you'll get the same answer that I have.

This list is comprised of everything: personal, work-related, very important, nonsense (but still needs to be done), urgent, coded, etc.

  • mail letters
  • file vl forms
  • audit c-outlay
  • update Fr sht-t
  • rundown of cbu exp
  • monitor cc charges
  • update flckr photos
  • pay credit card bills
  • clean corporate inbox
  • choose new book to read
  • submit id photo for membership card
  • update guests' list re liaison meeting
  • decide between Nokia and Samsung phones
  • check which is more interesting to visit: Ilocos Sur or Ilocos Norte
  • review Renaissance Hotel's conforme
  • burn cd copy of Cebu trip for papa
  • research about Tacloban, Leyte
  • accommodate new BE renter
  • watch 2 movies via dvd
  • email T-M re b-card
  • read Yahoo mails
  • clean-up fl-mem
  • update planner
  • browse Fr bltns
  • entry on DVC
  • upload photos
  • check G's bs
  • update links
  • fb on Fr msg
  • update blog
  • surf BE

    I am hoping that I will be able to accomplish everything in a week as my target timeframe. But just in case, I am allowing myself to have another week as extension. Two weeks is all I have.
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