Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Everest, Da Vinci Code, BE & Renter, Cebu

Dear Me,

I'm just so excited for the Philippines (my beloved beautiful country) right now. As of this writing, a kababayan is just minutes away from standing and planting the Philippine flag on top of the highest mountain in the world,
Mt. Everest.

As everyone knows, we have an official team and several independent climbers climbing their way up to Sagarmatha (Sanskrit for "Forehead of the Sky" as referred to Mt. Everest). It doesn't matter to me who arrives there first. What is important is that their efforts and previous Pinoy risk-takers can finally claim that we, as Filipinos, have reached the summit of the most daunting mountain ever. My only prayer is that they will be safe at all costs.

To the media, please don't take your unhealthy competition with these people who only want is to give glory to their country and to themselves. Stay away from them if you can't.


Yahoo! Finally!

After much debate, anxiety and anticipation, the movie
Da Vinci Code will be gracing Philippine cinemas on May 18.


I'm going loco over this movie. Okay, I'm just uberly-curious about this movie. Nothing else.

I'm not Catholic so I won't understand the apprehensions of the Catholic Church and other groups.

The movie is just based on a fiction book and nothing else. Well, Dan Brown says it is fiction. Of course, some of the contents of the book are factual.

Point is, why be scared if there's nothing to hide?

I don't want to raise any eyebrows, earn a smirk or spark a debate. I'm not Catholic so maybe I really won't all. It's complicated.

But there is one thing I'm gonna say, despite the fact that sure-seats at Glorietta and Greenbelt are fully-booked,
I am going to watch that controversial movie on its first day, May 18, tomorrow.

Thanks to papi for securing it.

I have a ticket.


I got a new
BE renter. Her name is Gemma and she is blogging at Live. Love. Laugh.

In a nutshell (based on what I know...hehehe), she is Pinay, blogs at Friendster, has a cute daughter, loves purple and pink (like I do). She seem nice, friendly and simple. =)

Anyway, she's my blog renter at the moment and if you wanna know her more, click that small box shaded with my favorite color. You know what to do. =)


I won a lot of credits today from BE.

I won 2 credits, next was 3 credits and the major was 25 credits, just by surfing the site.

I also won 35 credits for aggressively initiating a BotB.


I just wish that it will not rain on Friday. I'll be flying to Cebu with my siblings. It will be their first time and my mom is sort of agitated with the weather since it was only a few days that typhoon Caloy hit the country.

I still wish that we can frolic in Bantayan Island. Hmm.


  1. Mukhang di maganda ang Da Vinci Code. Hindi masyadong nag-ingay ang mga nakapanuod.

  2. joh, di pa nama showing kahapon yung movie eh. Today pa lang.

  3. am glad that you are able to watch the da vinci code in the Phils. i can't believe that the catholic authority tried to stop it...i am still trying to read the book per insistence of Ray (my son) before watching the movie. The comments re. the movie was not all that good. what is your verdict?
    Ate Vicks

  4. The movie remained faithful to the book in most ways. But, of course, a movie being a different medium from a novel, certain adjustments should be made and the movie just did that. The essence is still there. Good movie. I could give it a B or a B+, I guess.

    And as to the question why the Catholic authorities here were so anxious about the movie being shown here, well, maybe the authories thought that Filipinos aren't that much educated enough to be able to appreciate the significance of this movie (that's the elitist in me that's talking, hehe). But, come to think, maybe it is true. How many of the millions of Filipinos in our country studied the Bible in school? How many of the educated Filipinos were able to exegetically study the Bible? How many of the Filipinos actually know the history of the Catholic Church. Very few, I bet. So, perhaps the church authorities were just fearful that the faithful would be easily swayed by this movie. Or maybe they are afraid the movie would make the freethinkers think that this is the signal to make their questions and beliefs more known, thus initiating a rather unwanted ripple in our, nonetheless, stagnant status in our spiritual journey.

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  6. mabuhay ang mga pinoy mountaineers! very inspiring ang kanilang achivement...

  7. ms vicks & tess, i've watched the movie in its first showing day and the verdict? I like and its good. As Tess said, it is rather accepted that the movie content was adjusted considering it was based from a book.

    I'm planning to buy a dvd copy of it once it's out in the market.

    we cannot blame the parties trying to stop the movie from showing here. our society is conservative and somehow religious. it is not easy to let the others bend to changes and certain perspectives.

  8. mark/cruise, i know what you are feeling. Never been so proud and glad to be Pinoy! :)


It is always refreshing to know what is in your mind. Thanks!