Thursday, May 25, 2006

Get-Together With Friends

Dear Me,

It had been quite a while since I've seen them. I missed their last invitation before this. Finally, I made it. Why not? I was the one who initiated the invitation upon
Jon's prodding. Hehehe.

So, who was there? Hmm.
Jon, Jary, Kerwin and me. Well, all of us share a common bond. At least, I used to.

Once in a while, I meet Jon and Jary. But it was a surprise for me that Kerwin showed up. I think it was more than a year since we hooked up. It was in Baguio when I had a brief vacation and it was a good timing that Kerwin was on vacation, too. He hails from Baguio.

We had a sumptuous dinner at Shakey's MegaMall. We devoured a platter of fried chicken, a basket of mojo potatoes and a round of pizza. Hmm. Mojos makes my mouth watery. Yumyum.

Aside from wanting to see them, I had another reason for coming. I want to hear some answers to some questions that in one way or another relate to me. Honestly, I didn't get anything straight but I made some deductions and I sort of figured out the answers for myself. Should you guys wanna know, what I learned from those deductions were shed in positive light; so there would be no reasons for you all to worry about. =)

I wish we can do this again. I just miss everyone.

PS. Photos are already uploaded here.


  1. nag aaya ulet si adik na jon, papakilala si mommy camille :D

  2. jary, sige set kayo sked.
    let me know agad ha.
    btw, the photos will be uploaded in a while. =)

  3. uyy.. paNAKAW ng mga pix. as in LAHAT! hehehe ganda at gwapo nating apat. LOL!

  4. jon, i'll send all the photos through email in zip format. =)

  5. ay chige chige, pasend! :D

  6. jawee, sent it already. =)


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