Tuesday, June 20, 2006

101 Reasons To Climb

Dear Me,

I was asked (as everyone else) before why I climb, why I even attempt to. There are lots of reason, varied ones. I guess this one sums it all up. =)

1) To be one with Nature.
2) To get away from the noisy confusions of life.
3) To discover myself.
4) Know how far can I go.
5) Give myself a little break.
6) See the world from up above.
7) Be physically fit.
8) Enjoy the company of my fellow trekkers and mountaineers.
9) Experience Nature in a very intimate way.
10) Travel.
11) Learn how to be independent.
12) Learn how to survive in the wild.
13) Get-away from school/office works.
14) Achieve inner piece.
15) Realize that we are indeed dust in the wind.
16) Experience the power of nature without hurting ourselves.
17) Open my mind on what faith can do.
18) Free myself of worries.
19) To feel life with all its might.
20) Have another story to tell.
21) Be a better man.
22) Have more respect to Nature.
23) See the sunrise like I have never seen before.
24) And the sunset too!
25) See the sea of clouds.
26) And step on it!
27) Feel winter and extreme cold during summer.
28) Prove everything is possible if you got faith.
29) Feel that I am really part of the universe.
30) Improve my decision-making skills.
31) Be disciplined.
32) Save and conserve.
33) Survive, every once in a while.
34) I enjoy it!
35) Do something other than sleep, eat and work.
36) Make time a bit slower.
37) Learn the true meaning of friendship.
38) Be stronger.
39) Be on top of the world literally.
40) Coz I love to prepare my equipments.
41) Get me into something more productive.
42) Coz I want to.
43) Give myself a chance to grow-up.
44) Express my feelings.
45) Be free!
46) Be me!
47) Be mentally fit.
48) Conquer my fears.
49) Meet new friends.
50) Make my life more difficult to live.
51) Make the climbing population grow.
52) Be one of the best.
53) Feel the intensity of life.
54) Be able to adjust to different situation.
55) See what's in store for me.
56) Satisfy my hanger.
57) Cleanse my soul.
58) Hold my breath.
59) To live life at the edge.
60) I love challenges.
61) Have some real fun.
62) Refresh!
63) Live life the fullest.
64) Celebrate life!
65) Go beyond my limits.
66) Explore.
67) Remind myself how precious life is.
68) Be inspired.
69) Be one step closer to me.
70) Unleash my power.
71) Be a man of honor.
72) Go to majestic places.
73) Meet interesting people.
74) Know how it feels to be the King of the world.
75) Coz good guys do it.
76) Have some fresh air.
77) Breathe new life.
78) Reach the summit.
79) Experience the unexplainable feeling on top.
80) Prove that hard work is really the key to success.
81) Learn to navigate on unfamiliar places and terrain.
82) Relax, partially.
83) Feel the Greatness of GOD!
84) Sleep not comfortably but peacefully.
85) Keep my adrenalin pumping.
86) Keep my feet on the ground.
87) Beat the odds.
88) Be unselfish.
89) Listen to the whisper of the wind.
90) Build self-confidence.
91) Get closer to Nature.
92) "Get-out-of-this-world"
93) Strive!
94) Seek!
95) Find!
96) Practice my cooking skills.
97) Take pictures of beautiful sceneries.
98) Be different.
99) Perfect my "Walking Ethics".
100) Attain self-reliance.
101) See the stars a bit closer.

PS. Thanks to AI.


  1. climbing makes you not just a better person pala kundi it makes you a perfect individual...nice :)
    ako man, isa sa gusto kong gawin ay umakyat ng bundok :)

  2. nothing beats being one with nature :)

  3. melai, jairam, racky, salamat. I am inviting you 3 to join me in case you want to try climbing one.

    promise, akyat tayo dun sa hindi gaanong mahirap....*wink*

  4. "101 Reasons to climb" was composed and originally posted by Akamug Trekkers -



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