Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #4

Dear Me,

While having dinner at
Tsoko.Nut last night, I asked Papi to give me topics for my T13. I couldn't think of any and he was kidding me what the fuss was all about. Of course, I explained to him what T13 was. Well, well, he made a list of topics in my PDA.

The one posted below didn't come from him, though. I just thought of it before I even started thinking how my day will go.

My Thirteen Rituals
The Moment I Enter The Office (when I don't have projects)

  1. Swipe my access card to log in my time of arrival.
  2. I put down my bag in my work station & check my desk for any urgent notes, messages or work!
  3. Go to the pantry and make myself a cup of aromatic, steaming coffee.
  4. Go back to my place, settle myself in my swivel chair and browse the morning papers.
  5. Check my corporate inbox (and reply) for any important messages or WORK.
  6. Browse the online news website & draft economic-related news summary.
  7. Check my email accounts, surf a number of websites.
  8. Blog.
  9. Update both my personal & work calendar.
  10. Have another cup of coffee (actually 4 more) & catch up on my work-related readings.
  11. Documentation of accomplished projects.
  12. Tidy up my workstation.
  13. Swipe my access card to log in my time of dismissal.

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  1. Creative concept for a T13! I could probably come up with 13 rituals that go with my typical day at the lab. #8 is definitely one of mine too :)

    Thanks for the visit!

  2. patentprincess, thank you for tagging my T13.

    I guess a lot of working peepz like us can't help but do this in the workplace. *grins*

  3. Wow your day sounds amazingly similar to mine,lol
    My TT is up!

  4. chris, really?
    is that bad or good?
    i mean, both our T13s? hehehe.

    thanks for the tag.

  5. I love having a routine! Great list! Mine is here.

  6. lady jane, good for you. I only get to do the routine when I don't have projects, which is kinda rare...=)

    thanks for tagging!

  7. how fun to see someone else's daily routine!

  8. Yum-coffee!!
    That sounds like a good work routine to me!

    My TT is up

  9. Yum im craving coffee now!! LOL

    Im new to this whole TT thing but its fun to see what everyone comes up with for their 13!!

  10. That sounds like a good day. Lots of coffe and a swivel chair AND you get to blog! sounds good.

    mine is up

  11. My day is nothing like that! LOL Though I do drink coffee!!

    Happy Thursday, my TT is up!!

  12. 5 cups of coffee? I'm bouncing off the walls after 2! Great list!

  13. I like your list! Mmm... coffee!

  14. This reminds me. I so need a job. LOL

  15. WOW everyday ritual at the office. you can even blog from the office. hmmm that aromatic coffee just make me drool, I could just smell it!!I love coffee...and 4 just wont be enough hehe

    Happy T13. mine is up

  16. Nice, similar to my workday I think!

  17. oh and mine is

  18. BAR, thank you. This is only for the remaining days of my-not-so-busy-days....=)

    TRACIE, aha! you're a coffee-lover, too! =)

    AMIE, another coffee-lover. =) Well, I think you're gonna get used to T13. I was in the same boat a few weeks back & I'm enjoying it.

    JANICE, it's actually a good, lazy day...hehehe.

    YELLOWROSE, good for you. Because if this is my usual day, I'll go nuts. :p

    KAILANI, even that 5 cups don't have any effect on me at all. I guess I'm already immune to caffeine. So sad.

    ROSCOE, thank you. =)

    WENCHY, okay, that's funny. I envy you. =)

    FATEDHEARTS, it's because I'm the only one blogging at the office so the possibility of having blogger blocked at the office is a little impossible. =)

    KRISTARELLA, really? good for us...hehehe.

    To everyone, thanks for tagging & I have returned the favor. =)

  19. Wow, I wouldn't mind working there lol. Okay now I know I need to look for a job like that :=)


  20. LOL! That sounds similar to what I do.....

    Happy Thursday!

  21. very productive pala ang thursday 13 mo!

  22. You are a busy little bee. :)

  23. I remember days like that, but you're right, it only happened when there weren't deadlines. Sometimes I miss it and sometimes I'm content to be home. Great TT!
    Mine's up.

  24. Now that's a clever idea for a TT. Do you go for the flavored coffees or just plain?

    My TT is up.

  25. Hee! I'd considered using my daily routine for my TT this week, too. Maybe next time.

    Mine's up as well.

  26. LOL, you forgot stare at the clock a million times to see if it is time to go yet.

    My TT is up.

  27. I totally want your job.

    Thanks for visiting me today!

  28. Mmmm, coffee!!
    Mine's finally up - a little late ;).

  29. hullo everyone!

    wow, this is such a great turn-out for my T13. I am amazed.

    I promise to pass by to each one of you one by one..:)

  30. Great list, I love detail-oriented things like this. Neat to see how other people live and "order" their daily lives. Sounds like a pretty good job, if you can blog at work. And the coffee sounds good, need to go get some right now! :)

    Have a great day!

  31. stacy, really you do? how come I don't? hehehe. kidding...=)

  32. Hey I have finally figure out how to do the auto link thingy thanks to Kailani..go to my blog for intstructions dear.

  33. i miss going to the office.....:( isn't it just comforting to have your own space? and the coffee...i can relate when you said you're immune to caffeine.

    ey, tnx for the visit. btw, you have so many comments! yeay!!!

  34. Sounds similiar to my routine. Only I like to replace coffee with Mt. Dew. Except now I've cut out caffeine and I'm drinking water. I've got to tell you, water is quite a disappointment when you really want caffeine. ;)

  35. Isn't it strange how we have these routines that we do almost every day and they just become automatic?

    I wish I could somehow manage to get #8 into my daily routine but I have really been slacking with that since school ended in May. I think that is why I like the TT. It forces me to get on here. :-)

  36. [chuckle] @ the coffee comment. I am a coffee addict too. I use a really big cup so that when the doctor asks how many cups a day I drink, I can smile and tell him, "Two." Which is to say, it's more like four or five. [grin]

    Hope your having a grand Thursday.

    My husband did our T13 this week.

  37. noi, really? I'm gonna check that out plus your T13..=)

    wrigley, me? i am getting tired of going to the office. Just got here, in fact. And I have my big cup of coffee... =) Oh, yes. I got tons of comments. It's so hard to reply one by one.

    christine, my bf already told me to stop or cut my caffeine intake. But I just can't. I'm rotten when I don't have any ounce of caffeine in my system. =)

    martina, you're right. It's clockwork for us. automatic, as you say. I guess that sometimes it's boring but the good thing is, you just don't know that at the end of the day, you were able to accomplish a lot of stuff. Don't you think? =)

    ~stacy~ hehehe. That's funny. I also have this tall, blue cup and when asked how much coffee I took, I just said 3 but it totals into 6, I think...=)

    Hey, everyone! thanks for tagging my T13. I really have a great time and I had lots of comments. I hope we will all be friends.....dreaming..=)

    I promise I'll gt back to you as soon as I have the time...which I will have in a while. Time to do that routine. It's Friday here, 9:42AM on the dot. =)

    Good morning!


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