Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Beachineering @ Maricaban Island

Dear Me,

I am not really a beach person. I love the waters but I really don't like the beach. For one, I don't know how to swim. Second, I am really having a hard time relieving myself off with the tan to burnt skin color. You see, I wasn't gifted with a fair skin.

Anyway, the lure of the beach and its surroundings is so irresistible that I was able to disregard (for a while) the effects of the sun.

Ironic how I love the summer and yet I can't totally allow myself to frolic. But sometimes, there are things worth neglecting, even for a few moments of pleasure and leisure.

Together with some climbing pals, we headed to Maricaban Island in Batangas.
Cyril, a friend from MFPI, extended an invitation to our group in his hometown.

Maricaban Island is located about 5km southwest of the Calumpang Peninsula, Batangas; roughly 30 minutes by boat from Anilao; 3 kms from the famous Sombrero Island. The island stretch from end to end is surrounded by almost crystal clear azure waters and rich with colorful marine life. A perfect diving destination, an avid diver can choose from 24 diving points between the coast of the island and nearby Anilao.

Below is the itinerary that we used:

Day 1
06:00 Assembly time (711 Buendia / Kamias)
(yun manggagaling ng Cubao pede kayo sa Kamias na sumakay)
06:30 ETD Buendia / Kamias Station
09:00 ETA Batangas City Diversion road
(ALPS Bus Station, dito rin yung sakayan papuntang Anilao Pier)
09:10 ETD Diversion Road
(take jeepney going to Mabini Anilao Pier)
09:40 ETA Anilao pier
09:40 Buy provisions
10:30 Assembly of both Buendia and Kamias group
11:00 ETD Anilao pier
12:00 ETA Maricaban Island
12:30 LUNCH
13:00 Swimming
16:00 Swimming
18:00 Prepare Dinner
20:00 DINNER
21:00 Socials
23:59 Lights out

Day 2
07:00 Wake-up call / prepare breakfast
08:30 Swimming
10:30 Prepare Lunch
12:00 LUNCH
13:00 Break Camp
14:00 ETD Maricaban Island
15:00 ETA Anilao Pier
15:30 ETD Diversion Road Batangas City
16:00 ETD Batangas City
18:00 ETA Manila home sweet home

I guessed that everyone had a great time. There were much laughing, chatting, social drinking, swimming, snorkeling, shooting photos, etc.

I thought I would get bored the whole time because I really could not find myself dipping in the water in the middle of the day. So, I brought Jessica Zafra's book, read it while lying down in the sand. Well, I fell into a light slumber as expected. I was woken up by this young boy inquiring what I was doing. Goodness. He woke me up. Hehehe. Anyway, the boys were already swimming despite the hot blaze of the sun.

I had my favorite moments while we were there. Here they are:

  • devouring green mangoes
  • enjoying the barbecue that Francis, Jenard, JR & Joy had grilled
  • listening to kiddie talks of 2 Batman-attired siblings
  • watching & making fun of Dyesebel (that's papi snorkeling)
  • night swimming with papi (teaching me how to float)
  • taking photos of everyone (from the time the sun set till early evening)
  • walking along the mini-Boracay beach front (the sand here is finer compared to where we set camp)
  • looking at the broad horizon and wondering how things can be breathtaking

    The rest of the photos are here:
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