Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #3

Dear Me,

Once again, it's Thursday and here's my would-be-usual Thursday blog entry.

Thirteen Thoughts In My Mind Right Now

01. What present to give Papa for Father's Day. I won't be around on that day and I have to buy that gift till tomorrow.

02. I need to start packing my mountaineering stuff tonight so I can have a relaxing evening tomorrow. But knowing myself, I would still be doing this late Friday night or early Saturday morning.

03. I don't think I can make it to the Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzikal musicale. Bummer. It's my last chance. I hope there will be another re-run.

04. Re-charge all batteries for my new digicam.

05. Read the digicam's manual.

06. Don't forget to take home pp's charger cable tomorrow & charge it. Better bring it than be sorry.

07. Have bonding moments with my dog. I did something stupid last night and I hope he is okay.

08. Finish watching CSI episodes & watch a few episodes of The OC & NCIS. I am very much eager to watch them.

09. Do the weekend laundry since I'll be out during the weekend.

10. Re-charge my PDA & update my calendar & repligo files.

11. Check the CD photos against the photo archive in my pc. I hope I still have the original photos. I had the photos in my pc resized and I was told that it's better to keep the originals for printing.

12. Carefully manage my remaining VLs/SLs from hereon. I only have less than a handful left. I will be missing a lot of fun after that.

13. Check my blog for neglected things-to-do. Accomplish them beginning tomorrow and Monday will be my deadline.

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  1. I am stumped about Father's Day as well. My dad's birthday was last week so every year I have this problem. He gets a really good birthday present and then for Father's Day... I get a nice card and take him to dinner.

    And my iPod is never charged so reading your list reminded me to put it on the charger (as well as my cell phone).

  2. hullo martina! thanks for tagging my T13. Today's Friday and I really hope I can buy him a gift today. I got so little time.

    Happy Father's Day to your father...


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