Thursday, June 1, 2006

Bits & Pieces

Dear Me,

I feel like a bum here. Nothing else to do but blog. Actually, I have something to do but I don't feel like doing it. Hehehe. Am I making any sense here?

Papi just called a few minutes back. He told me that we would be attending the mfpi fed meet at Pioneer tonight. We will meet the IMs first somewhere and then proceed to the fed meet. I told him that I am not part of it; the IMs, I mean. He said that I am because I have the ID. I said, "No, I'm not. I don't belong to any batch, you know, the batch with a number." (some of us in atmc had an exclusive bmc). He said that they (his batch group) will just adopt us. I told him no because they're one of the oldest IM batch groups. He said that I should have myself adopted by Budz (he is this good guy from mfpi). I replied that Budz' group is probably the oldest (sorry Budz). And then he laughed. Hehehe.

Yes, I'm going.


I was reading the broadsheets (fine, I was in the entertainment section) a while ago. I was mesmerized by this photo of a beautiful young girl.

I was skimming through the articles and then I saw her name. I couldn't believe it. She's Inah Revilla, daughter of action star Bong Revilla. Even my officemate was shocked (okay, shocked was such a strong word).

She is really beautiful, a budding lady. I didn't know that she will grow up as lovely as that. When she was younger, I never thought she would look like that.

I can now imagine how strict her father will be once her suitors line up at their door in their house in Cavite. Hehehe. Here comes the (over)protective father. Hehehe.


Officemates are now planning a meeting. They want us all to meet somewhere next week so we can discuss our plans (job-related concerns). Our DED has resigned and will be leaving end of this month. He is perceived to be our last resort to transparency and consideration within the office.

One thing I know, they are beginning to dislike or maybe hate Mrs. Fields. The woman is a scheming b****. They have seen through her manipulative tactics.

I am beginning to dislike her so much more because of that angelic face of hers. Whatever she did and even doing and going to do, may karma be with her.

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